Xige Estate Wooden Box of 6 bottles  西鴿酒莊木盒6瓶禮盒
Xige Estate Wooden Box of 6 bottles  西鴿酒莊木盒6瓶禮盒
Xige Estate Wooden Box of 6 bottles  西鴿酒莊木盒6瓶禮盒

Xige Estate Wooden Box of 6 bottles 西鴿酒莊木盒6瓶禮盒

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The Xige Estate box has six famous wine of Xige Estate, which include one bottle each of the following. Best for gift giving. 

Xige Estate Red Wine 2017 
Jade Dove Single Vineyard Cabernet Gernischt 2019 
Jade Dove Single Vineyard Chardonnay 2021 
XIGE N609 Red Wine 2019
XIGE N28 Chardonnay 2021 
XIGE N28 Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 

Xige Estate Red Wine 西鴿酒莊 藤上藤 2017

“藤上藤”dry red wine is a blend of the "King of Red Grape Varieties" - Cabernet Sauvignon, with the "Chinese indigenous variety" - Longyan Zhu. It brings excellent structure, concentration, complexity, and aging potential, while also exhibiting a super delicate, elegant, and balanced style.

「騰尚騰」乾紅酒採用26年樹齡的葡萄樹「紅葡萄品種之王」赤霞珠和「中國特有品種」蛇龍珠勾兌而成。 它帶來了非常好的結構感、濃度、複雜性和陳年性,以及超精細、優雅和平衡。

 Xige Estate Jade Dove Cabernet Gernischt 西鴿酒莊玉鴿®單一園蛇龍珠 2019

This wine is made from Cabernet Gernischt old vines that are over 20-years-old selected in Xige Estate vineyard. This wine shows Cabernet Gernischt most typical character: smooth on the palate with delicate fine tannins, aromas of dry rose petals and Chinese medicinal herbs,... The finish is long and delightful, the word “elegance" surely describes it best.

這款酒採用20多年前種植的卡本納奇葡萄釀製而成,精選自斯格莊園葡萄園。 這款酒展現了赤霞珠最典型的特徵:口感順滑,單寧細膩絲滑,帶有乾燥玫瑰花瓣和中草藥的香氣。 餘韻悠長宜人,「優雅」二字最能形容其特色。

Jade Dove Single Vineyard Chardonnay 西鴿酒莊玉鴿® 單一園霞多麗幹白葡萄酒2021

香氣盈盈動 滿盞皆宜人值得珍藏的 26 年老藤霞多麗來自西鴿甄選的單一園小地塊,恰到好處的果實成熟度使得幹白酒體更加飽滿,清新的酸度兼並奶油氣息,忽而圓潤細膩,忽而骨感明媚,淋漓盡致地展現了霞多麗的百變氣質。
品鑒詞 Tasting Notes : 
該酒甄選西鴿酒莊 20 余年老藤霞多麗,匠心釀造而成。入口清新爽凈,酸度平衡,有甜瓜、葡萄柚等香氣,同時伴有奶油及烘烤氣息。

Xige Estate 西鴿酒莊 N609 2019

N609 pays tribute to the great moment that was the visit of President Xi Jinping to Ningxia to inspect the local wine industry on June 9th, 2020. Based on Xige's unique <Cabernet Sauvignon + Cabernet Gernischt> blend, with the addition of Malbec, which is believed to be the future star of the Region. N609 strives to express Ningxia Terroir from a higher level and fulfill President Xi's ardent hope for Chinese wine to be "A Marvel to the World".

N609致敬2020年6月9日習近平總書記視察寧夏葡萄酒產業的偉大時刻。它以Seguer獨特的<赤霞珠+赤霞珠>混釀為基礎,添加了被認為是寧夏未來之星的馬爾貝克葡萄品種。區。 N609致力於從更高層次表達寧夏的風土和特色,實現習主席對中國葡萄酒成為「世界奇蹟」的殷切期望。

 Xige Estate N28 Cabernet Sauvignon 西鴿酒莊 N28赤霞珠 2019 

Cabernet Sauvignon is a traditional fine red variety that is used to make many of the World's top quality wines.By making a Cabernet Sauvignon single varietal through a gentle extraction of tannins and with a proper ageing, Xige N28 Cabernet Sauvignon not only challenges the typical strong character of Cabernet Sauvignon, but also allows the variety to express all the flavors that it has concentrated under the Ningxia terroir.Intense and full-bodied, showing yet extremely delicate and elegant tannins, it is a significant change in the development of the Helan Mountain Wine style. Its mellow taste with some sweetness is just simply“delicious”, and smoothing itself into your mouth without any kind of pressure.

赤霞珠是傳統的優質紅葡萄品種,被用來釀造許多世界頂級品質的葡萄酒。西格N28赤霞珠通過溫和提取單寧並經過適當陳釀製成赤霞珠單一品種,不僅挑戰了典型的濃烈葡萄酒,既保留了赤霞珠的特色,又讓該品種充分展現了寧夏風土下所濃縮的全部風味。酒體濃鬱濃鬱,單寧極其細膩優雅,是賀蘭山發展過程中的一個重大變化。葡萄酒風格。 口感醇厚,帶點甜味,簡直就是“美味”,入口即化,毫無壓力。

Xige Estate N28 Chardonnay 西鴿酒莊 N28霞多麗 2021

N28 Chardonnay is another testament of Xige Estate challenging the ultimate expression of the Region’s terroir. This Chardonnay has been fermented and aged in oak barrels for 12 months. It combines both floral and ripe tropical fruits aromas, with a smooth creamy texture, a beautiful refreshing acidity that makes it very pleasant and easy to drink, ending up with a very long finish.