Xige N50 西鴿酒莊 N50 2020
Xige N50 西鴿酒莊 N50 2020
Xige N50 西鴿酒莊 N50 2020

Xige N50 西鴿酒莊 N50 2020

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Situated in the Dove Mountain Area, in the heart of the Helan Mountain Wine Region, Xige Estate currently owns a total of 2,000 hectares of planted vines. 

As Fine Wine producer with scale, Xige's Philosophy is to combine Modern Technology with the Respect of Nature, to constantly explore the Potential and the Future of Ningxia Terroir.

Founded in 2017 by Zhang Yanzhi, Xige Estate is a young winery that is challenging & leading the development of a New Era of Chinese Fine Wine.  Zhang is the holder of France National Enology Diploma (DNO) and Bordeaux ISVV Winemaker Diploma. He embrace one goal to heart: to make wines that show  "A PURE EXPRESSION OF HELAN MOUNTAIN TERROIR". 

Just after its launching, this Xige’s Iconic red blend had already won one of China’s higher ratings by Jancis Robinson - 17/20. This is also the wine that embodies best Xige’s spirit, respecting tradition while bravely challenging and innovating. Xige was pioneer in blending Cabernet Sauvignon with China’s unique local variety, Cabernet Gernischt, finding the greatest balance between strength and softness.

Cabernet Sauvignon old vines give N50 an elegant yet powerful structure, while a touch of Cabernet Gernischt old vines adds complexity to the wine aromas. This is Xige’s style most representative creation combining easy-drinking, balance and complexity

James Suckling 90-91 Points:
"Generous and racy nose with rich haw fruit, menthol, white pepper, vanilla and some sweet spice. Fleshy and supple on the mid-palate with juicy fruit and firm, polished tannins. There is some good length. 95% cabernet sauvignon and 5% cabernet gernischt. Delicious even now but a barrel sample." --Tasted on Nov 30, 2021


西鴿酒莊成立於2017年,是中國最令人興奮的新興葡萄酒項目之一。西鴿酒莊是一個全新的、現代化的釀酒廠,擁有超過1300公頃的葡萄園,其中有1000多公頃都種植著擁有20年成熟期的葡萄藤。這鞏固了他們的快速成功,成為中國同行中領先的優質葡萄酒品牌之一。西鴿酒莊由張言志擔任首席釀酒師創立,他曾是張裕酒業的釀酒師。與他一起的是克里斯泰爾·舒涅(Christelle Chene),她出生於勃艮第,曾在中國擔任出口銷售總監,並致力於向全世界推廣寧夏葡萄酒以及中國葡萄酒。



James Suckling 給予90-91分評價:
慷慨而競爭力十足的香氣,具有濃鬱的山楂果、薄荷、白胡椒、香草和一些甜香料的味道。中段呈肉質和柔軟的口感,帶有多汁的水果和牢固、光滑的單寧。餘味悠長。 95%的赤霞珠和5%的赤霞珠葡萄酒。現在就非常美味,但這是一個桶中品鑑樣品。 ——於2021年11月30日品嚐