Xavier Vignon Arcane Le Diable 2015
Xavier Vignon Arcane Le Diable 2015
Xavier Vignon Arcane Le Diable 2015

Xavier Vignon Arcane Le Diable 2015

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Xavier Vignon is a visionary creator and winemaker driven by a deep passion for harmony and creativity. Raised in the Hauts de France region, he believes that harmony is the beautiful result of nature's generosity and humanity's touch. Xavier's encounter with a winemaker transformed his life, leading him to pursue winemaking as his true calling. With extensive experiences and studies in Champagne, France, and Australia, Xavier has garnered vast knowledge and expertise. 

Xavier Vignon's winemaking philosophy revolves around respecting nature and supporting the vines rather than exerting dominance. He is dedicated to producing organic wines and exploring the influence of minerals on wine flavors. Innovation is an integral part of Xavier's approach. He continuously seeks new methods for aging wines, such as the groundbreaking Vinarium® technique. This involves immersing wine barrels in a custom container, creating a unique aging environment with high humidity and no oxygen exposure. By carefully nurturing the wines in this controlled environment, Xavier aims to preserve and enhance their aromatic diversity. Xavier Vignon's emphasis on nature, innovation, and organic practices results in exceptional wines that reflect his passion and commitment.

Wine Information

  • Region/ Country: France
  • Grape: Mourvedre 
  • Alcohol content:14.5%

Arcane Le Diable is a blend of 100% very old Mourvedre (some above hundred years old), selection is based on the mineral salts content and has been made across various areas of the Vaucluse in very small quantites.

94/100 - PARKER
"There are two slightly eccentric wines from this estate that merit serious attention. Almost 100% Mourvèdre from a parcel close to Vinsobres, the sensational 2015 Vin de France Arcane XV Le Diable had a three-week maceration (Xavier prefers to get as much extraction as possible before alcoholic fermentation), and was aged mostly in small oak tanks and concrete. Blueberries, blackberries, peppery herbs and spice all flow from this layered, full-bodied beauty that has awesome purity, integrated acidity and plenty of structure. Give bottles 2-3 years and drink over the following 10-15 years." 

Xavier Vignon是一位有遠見的創造者和葡萄酒釀酒師,對和諧與創造力懷有深深的熱情。他在法國上法蘭西大區長大,相信和諧是自然慷慨與人性的結晶。Xavier與一位釀酒師的邂逅改變了他的人生軌跡,讓他追尋葡萄酒釀造成為他真正的使命。憑借在法國香槟區、澳大利亞等地的豐富經驗和學習,Xavier積累了廣泛的知識和專業技能。

Xavier Vignon的葡萄酒釀酒理念圍繞著尊重自然和支持葡萄藤,而非主導它們。他致力於生產有機葡萄酒,並探索礦物質對葡萄酒風味的影響。創新是Xavier方法的重要組成部分。他不斷尋求陳釀葡萄酒的新方法,如開創性的Vinarium®技術。該方法涉及將葡萄酒桶浸入定制容器中,創造一個高濕度且無氧暴露的獨特陳釀環境。通過在這個受控環境中精心呵護葡萄酒,Xavier旨在保留和增強其香氣的多樣性。Xavier Vignon對於自然、創新和有機釀造的強調,產生了體現他的熱情和執著的卓越葡萄酒。

Arcane Le Diable 是一款100%非常古老的Mourvèdre(有些超過百年)混釀的葡萄酒,其選擇是基於礦物鹽含量,在沃克吕兹地區的不同地區以極小的產量進行的。

94/100 - PARKER:
"這個酒莊有兩款稍微古怪的葡萄酒值得嚴肅關注。2015年的Vin de France Arcane XV Le Diable幾乎100%來自於靠近Vinsobres的一塊葡萄園,進行了三周的浸漬(Xavier更喜歡在酒精發酵之前盡可能提取更多物質),並且主要在小型橡木罐和混凝土中陳釀。藍莓、黑莓、辛辣草本和香料的味道在這款層次豐富、酒體飽滿的美酒中流露出來,具有出色的純度、完美的酸度和充足的結構。將酒瓶陳年2-3年,然後在接下來的10-15年內享用。"