WineWorld Corkscrew Opener with box 開瓶器
WineWorld Corkscrew Opener with box 開瓶器

WineWorld Corkscrew Opener with box 開瓶器

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The corkscrew opener can be used to open various types of wine bottles, red wine and white wine, including those with natural corks or synthetic corks.

To use a corkscrew opener, follow these steps:

1. Start by using the blade to cut the foil or capsule covering the cork at the top of the bottle. This will expose the cork and make it easier to insert the worm.

2. Next, hold the corkscrew opener by the handle and position the worm at the center of the cork. Twist the worm clockwise into the cork until only one curl remains visible.

3. Once the worm is securely in the cork, use the lever. The WineWorld corkscrew has two levers to allow you to efficiently lift the cork out of the bottle.

4 The bottle is nicely opened, now enjoy the wine with pleasure!

Material: Stainless Steel


1. 首先,使用開瓶器上的刀片切割酒瓶頂部覆蓋軟木塞的箔紙或膠囊。這樣可以暴露軟木塞,並便於插入螺旋。

2. 接下來,握住開瓶器手柄,將螺旋對準軟木塞中心。順時針轉動螺旋,將其插入軟木塞,直到只剩下一個螺旋環可見。

3. 一旦螺旋穩固地插入軟木塞,使用槓桿。WineWorld的螺旋式開瓶器配備兩個槓桿,可以高效地將軟木塞從酒瓶中取出。

4. 酒瓶已經被完美打開,現在盡情享受美酒吧!