Whiskey Row 18th Century Straight Bourbon Aged 4 years

Whiskey Row 18th Century Straight Bourbon Aged 4 years

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Whiskey Row, also known as the Iron Quarter, refers to a block-long stretch from 101–133 W. Main Street that once served as home to the bourbon industry in Louisville, Kentucky. Whiskey Row is a one and only pre-prohibition style bourbon you would have found in a classy speakeasy or perhaps the Rathskeller Room at the Seelbach around the turn of the century. The stretch of Renaissance Revival buildings located on Main Street in Louisville; Kentucky is locally known as Whiskey Row. From 1850 through Prohibition, Whiskey Row became the trading center for all spirits distilled in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky and West Virginia. Whiskey from upriver was warehoused and blended with Kentucky whiskey on its way downriver to New Orleans and overland to the West. Whiskey Row Bourbon is a blend and/or small batch of barrels that mirrors many of those early recipes so that you may enjoy the same flavors that our ancestors.

Product Information:
Whiskey Row Eighteenth-Century Straight Corn Bourbon recipe follows the early tradition with prominent corn like the early settlers and is not like today's distillers.

Tasting Notes:
Sweet and crisp flavors distilled from Ohio Valley corn mellowed with the essence of vanilla and caramel, maple syrup, naturally extracted from new charred oak barrels for an authentic honey hole expression.

95% MGP High Corn Bourbon ( Mash Bill: 99% Corn, 1% Malted Barley) 5% Whiskey Row Four Grain Bourbon (Mash Bill: 67% corn, 12.5% rye, 12.5% wheat, 8% malted barley)

It is a blend of high corn bourbon whiskey and four grain bourbon whiskey from 1-2 distilleries, all of which have their own proprietary yeast and mash bills. All barrels are least 4 years old.