Vinvautz - VZ18BHK (18 bottles)
Vinvautz - VZ18BHK (18 bottles)

Vinvautz - VZ18BHK (18 bottles)

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Le Meilleur Choix, Vinvautz Wine Cellar
Vinvautz wine cellars embodies the passion that wine makers have shared throughout the centuries. Good wines only become great when aged to its truest potential. With this notion, Vinvautz began its mission in creating the Ultimate Wine Cellar.

Vinvautz wine cellars provides accurate and reliable triple condition management: temperature, humidity and lighting control. The storage environment is precisely monitored and regulated.

Silence is golden and Vinvautz’s wine cooling is good as gold. The latest VIN™ Compressor and TE™ technology keeps the cellar free from vibrations. The wines are aged in stillness and tranquility, preserved in their sweetest slumber.


- Unique thermoelectric cooling
- Touch-control panel display
- UV resistant tinted glass door
- Sturdy anti-fingerprint metal door frame
- Double-module temperature control chip
- Interior Light
- Fine Beech wood shelves for minimum vibration
- Low noise level during operation
- 1 Year Warranty
- Made in China

Capacity: 18 bottles
5 Beech wooden shelves
Dimensions: 648 (H) x 355 (W) x 515 (D) mm

Le Meil​​ur Choix,Vinvautz 酒窖
Vinvautz 酒窖體現了釀酒師幾個世紀以來所共有的熱情。 好的葡萄酒只有在陳釀到其真正潛力時才會變得偉大。 帶著這個理念,Vinvautz 開始了創造終極酒窖的使命。

Vinvautz 酒窖提供準確可靠的三重條件管理:溫度、濕度和照明控制。 儲存環境受到精確監控和調節。

沉默是金,而 Vinvautz 的葡萄酒冷卻效果也如黃金。 最新的 VIN™ 壓縮機和 TE™ 技術可讓酒窖免受振動。 葡萄酒在平靜和安寧中陳釀,保持著最甜蜜的睡眠。


- 獨特的熱電冷卻
- 觸控控制面板顯示幕
- 抗紫外線有色玻璃門
- 堅固的防指紋金屬門框
- 雙模組溫控晶片
- 室內燈
- 優質山毛櫸木擱板,振動最小
- 運轉時噪音低
- 1年保固
- 中國製造

5 個山毛櫸木架子
尺寸:648(高)x 355(寬)x 515(深)毫米