Vietti Barolo Brunate 2009
Vietti Barolo Brunate 2009
Vietti Barolo Brunate 2009
Vietti Barolo Brunate 2009

Vietti Barolo Brunate 2009

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Vietti is a renowned winery in Piedmont, Italy, known for producing high-quality Barolo and Barbaresco red wines. Founded by Alfredo Currado in the 1960s, Vietti has vineyards in prestigious areas such as Barolo, Barbaresco, Monforte d'Alba, and Rocche. They cultivate various grape varieties including Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto, and Arneis. Vietti's wines are admired for their elegance, structure, and complexity, reflecting the unique terroir of Piedmont. Their Barolo and Barbaresco wines often require extended aging to reveal their best flavors. Vietti also produces other red, white, and sparkling wines, as well as Grappa. They are celebrated for their commitment to quality and traditional winemaking practices.

The grapes are selected from the historical cru Brunate, located in La Morra, planted 4,600 plants per hectare. The vines are 45 years old and grown using the Guyot system. Grapes are gently crushed and fermented in stainless steel for 17 days at 30-32° C (86-90° F), with pumping of the juice over grape skins done by both machine and hand, followed by malolactic fermentation. Brunate in La Morra is one of the most famous “crus” of all Barolo area; this vintage is particularly interesting because it’s very easy to recognize the “terroir” in the wine.

Description: intense ruby red. Dry, with generous body, harmoniously balanced and velvety texture. Classic, ripe red-fruit, long finish, rich and very elegant. Spices, violet, plums and intense tar, very typical for the Brunate vine-yard.

Rating :
RP 95 Points from The Wine Advocate
"From one of the region’s most celebrated vineyards, the 2009 Barolo Brunate lavishes on smoky, granite and mineral notes that make this wine absolutely irresistible. Even the drawing of a snail on the label seems to hammer home one obvious point: This wine is built for longer cellar aging. Its rich texture, velvety feel and firm structure are guarantees that it will become increasingly elegant and finessed with time. Anticipated maturity: 2016-2030.

If forced to inhabit a desert island that only served the wines of a single producer, I would want Luca Currado to be that supplier. He excels at everything he does from his castle perch at the heart of Castiglione Falletto. Despite the difficult 2009 season, his wines remain extraordinary. In fact, they are among the best I tasted from the vintage." - Tasted on Jun 28, 2013 by Monica Larner

JS 94 points from JS Wine Ratings
"Wonderful depth of ripe fruit on the nose with a purity and freshness. Full body, with integrated tannins and a caressing mouthfeel. Pretty fruit character. Brunate made excellent wines in 2009." - Tasted on July 7, 2013 by James Suckling

Winery : Vietti
Region : La Morra, Barolo, Piedmont
Grape Varieties : Nebbiolo
Annual Production : 3.886 bottles
Ageing in oak barrels : 32 months old
Alcohol: 14,53% 
Format : 750 ml

* DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) is the highest classification for Italian wines, ensuring strict quality and production standards. DOCG wines are produced in specific regions, adhering to specific grape varieties and winemaking methods. They undergo expert evaluation and testing to guarantee quality and authenticity. The DOCG label guarantees the origin and quality of the wine while protecting traditional winemaking practices. Famous DOCG wines include Barolo, Barbaresco, Chianti Classico, Brunello di Montalcino, and Prosecco Superiore. DOCG wines represent the excellence and regional characteristics of Italian winemaking.

Vietti是位於意大利皮埃蒙特的著名酒莊,以生產高品質的巴羅洛和巴巴雷斯科紅葡萄酒而聞名。該酒莊由Alfredo Currado於20世紀60年代創立,擁有位於巴羅洛、巴巴雷斯科、摩洛特奧和羅卡等頂級產區的葡萄園。他們種植尼布洛、巴巴拉、桃儂和阿爾巴等多種葡萄品種。Vietti的葡萄酒以優雅、結構和複雜性而聞名,展現了皮埃蒙特獨特的風土特色。他們的巴羅洛和巴巴雷斯科葡萄酒通常需要長時間的陳年才能展現出最佳風味。此外,Vietti還生產其他紅、白和氣泡葡萄酒,以及格拉帕烈酒。他們以對品質和傳統釀酒工藝的堅持而受到全球葡萄酒愛好者的推崇。

這款酒是由位於La Morra的Brunate葡萄園的葡萄釀製而成,每公頃種植4600棵葡萄樹。這些葡萄樹年齡為45年,採用Guyot方式種植。葡萄經過輕柔壓碎後,在不銹鋼槽中以30-32°C(86-90°F)的溫度發酵,並通過機械和人工方式進行浸漬,然後進行蘋果酸乳酸發酵。Brunate在La Morra是巴羅洛區域最著名的"crus"之一;這個年份特別有趣,因為在葡萄酒中非常容易識別出"terroir"(土壤風味)。


RP(The Wine Advocate)給予95分

如果被迫在一個只供應單一生產商的葡萄酒的荒島上生活,我希望Luca Currado能成為那個供應商。他在卡斯蒂廖內法萊托的城堡高處做的一切都表現出色。儘管2009年的季節困難,他的葡萄酒仍然非凡。事實上,它們是我在該年份品鑒中嘗過的最好的葡萄酒之一。" - Monica Larner於2013年6月28日品評

JS(JS Wine Ratings)給予94分
"香氣中有豐富成熟水果的深度,純淨而新鮮。酒體飽滿,單寧融合得很好,觸感令人愉悅。美麗的果味特色。2009年的布魯納特產出了出色的葡萄酒。" - James Suckling於2013年7月7日品評

產區:拉莫拉(La Morra),巴羅洛(Barolo),皮埃蒙特(Piedmont)

* DOCGDenominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita)是意大利葡萄酒的最高分類,代表著嚴格的品質和生產標準。DOCG葡萄酒生產於特定的產區,符合特定的品種和釀酒方法。它通過專家評估和測試,確保品質和真實性。DOCG標誌保證了葡萄酒的產地和品質,保護了傳統釀酒工藝。著名的DOCG葡萄酒包括巴羅洛、巴巴雷斯科、基安蒂經典、布魯奈羅和超級普羅塞克。DOCG葡萄酒代表了意大利釀酒工藝的卓越品質和地區特色。