Toro Albala Don PX Convento Seleccion 1946 (with Gift Box) 托羅阿巴拉酒莊PX修道院精選甜白酒 1946
Toro Albala Don PX Convento Seleccion 1946 (with Gift Box) 托羅阿巴拉酒莊PX修道院精選甜白酒 1946
Toro Albala Don PX Convento Seleccion 1946 (with Gift Box) 托羅阿巴拉酒莊PX修道院精選甜白酒 1946
Toro Albala Don PX Convento Seleccion 1946 (with Gift Box) 托羅阿巴拉酒莊PX修道院精選甜白酒 1946
Toro Albala Don PX Convento Seleccion 1946 (with Gift Box) 托羅阿巴拉酒莊PX修道院精選甜白酒 1946

Toro Albala Don PX Convento Seleccion 1946 (with Gift Box) 托羅阿巴拉酒莊PX修道院精選甜白酒 1946

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Toro Albalá is a prestigious winery in the Montilla-Moriles region of Andalusia, Spain, known for its exceptional sweet wines, particularly Pedro Ximénez (PX) wines. With a rich history dating back to the late 19th century, the winery employs traditional methods to produce high-quality dessert wines. Their PX wines are made from sun-dried Pedro Ximénez grapes, resulting in concentrated sugars and complex flavors of raisins, chocolate, coffee, and caramel. Toro Albalá offers a diverse range of PX styles, including young and aged variations, with extended aging options. These award-winning wines are highly esteemed for their intensity, longevity, and ability to complement desserts.

Valued for its rarity, depth, and intense sweetness, this wine is crafted exclusively from Pedro Ximénez raisined grape clusters. Its exceptional origins trace back to the personal choice and timing of Antonio Sánchez for the bottling. It stands as a true gem of our winery, earning a remarkable 100-point rating from Robert Parker, the first sweet wine to receive such recognition. The "Convento Selección" wines have aged for generations in amontillado butts, allowing the wine to harmonize with the wood over time, resulting in an unparalleled flavor profile. The bottling system is named "Convento Selección" in honor of the Cistercian monk tradition, where wines are classified within their own series. The entire elaboration is handmade, following San Benito’s Recula Rule: “Living off the work of our hands.”.

Tasting notes
Dark mahogany tonality with copper reflections and slow
movement in glass. High intensity. Notes of raisining (dates,
dried figs and raisins), cinnamon, candied orange, spices like
clove and anise, in addition to some other confectionery smells.
Sweet and dense entry, with mild acidity and a light bitter touch.
It’s a round wine, with no rough edges, and of lingering finish.

Rating :
RP 100 points from The Wine Advicate
"The 1946 Don PX Convento Seleccion produced with Pedro Ximenez grapes dehydrated under the sun at the time of the Second World War, was only bottled in September 2011. This is an extreme wine, my first descriptor was ultra-mega-super concentrated. It is unbelievably powerful, both in the nose and the palate, full of umami, with sweet cinnamon, Christmas cake, camphor, petrol, lemongrass, Belgian chocolate and butter. Incredibly complex and rich, sweet, balanced and smooth in the palate, it is both very sweet and somehow salty, and with time it develops a black olive note. It combines the texture of the 1962 and the elegance of the 1949. It is as decadent as it gets. 825 bottles were produced. This wine will survive all of us. These wines are kept for generations and offered in very small quantities, but it’s amazing that you can still buy and drink something so old, and I’m even tempted to say that it might represent good value for what it is. A real tour de force sweet wine. Drink it if you ever have the privilege to do so from 2013-2060.

This is a peculiar winery, a little eccentric and unusual, a family affair created in 1922 although their roots can be traced back to the 19th century. The core of the winery is located inside an old electricity plant in Aguilar de la Frontera, south of Cordoba, in the heart of the Montilla-Moriles appellation and directed by collector, inventor and entrepreneur Antonio Sanchez. They sell 650,000 liters of wine per year, of which 40% is exported and sold in 27 different countries. They are growing in the US, the UK, Australia, and also with increasing interest in Asia, “mainly for the sweet wines,” Antonio Sorgato, the export manager of the firm, tells me. “We are selling sweet wines, but Fino, it’s much more difficult.” This is not something unique to them, as the whole Montilla-Moriles is better known for its sweet, dark, unctuous Pedro Ximenez wines. All the wines they produce are of course fermented from Pedro Ximenez white grapes, but for the sweet wines the grapes are sun-dried, dehydrated into raisins, and the resulting wine is brown in color which gets darker as the wine ages and concentrates in barrel. The oldest examples are an opaque black with an amber rim as dense as motor oil. They have a most impressive collection of single vintage PX wines going back to the time of the Second World War." - Tasted on Aug 29, 2013 by Luis Gutiérrez

JS 94 points from JS Wine Ratings
"So much depth and richness with sugared plums, mocha, toasted walnuts and dried persimmons. It is black in color with an iodine hue. It has a full body with a creamy texture. Dense and viscous with a sweet, mellow character and an intense, lingering finish." - Tasted on Jan 5, 2023 from James Suckling

Winery : Toro Albalá
Region : Andluica / Spain
Grape Varieties : Pedro Ximénez
Grade : 17 %
Format : 750 ml

Toro Albalá是西班牙安達盧西亞地區蒙蒂利亞-莫里萊斯的一家知名酒莊,以其出色的甜酒而聞名,尤其是佩德羅·希梅內斯(PX)酒款。該酒莊擁有悠久的歷史,可以追溯到19世紀末,以其傳統的釀酒方法和製作出色的甜酒而聞名。

他們的PX酒款完全由晾乾的佩德羅·希梅內斯葡萄製成,以濃縮的糖分和複雜的風味(包括葡萄乾、巧克力、咖啡和焦糖)而聞名。Toro Albalá提供多種PX風格的酒款,包括年輕和陳年版本,並提供延長陳年的選擇。這些屢獲殊榮的酒款因其濃郁的風味、持久的陳年能力和與甜點的搭配能力而受到高度讚譽。

這款酒以其珍稀、深沉和極甜的特點而受到珍視,完全由佩德羅·希梅內斯葡萄乾製成。它的卓越起源可以追溯到安東尼奧·桑切斯在灌裝時的個人選擇和時機。它是我們酒莊的真正寶石,榮獲羅伯特·帕克100分的非凡評分,是首款獲得此殊榮的甜酒。 "Convento Selección"酒款在阿蒙蒂利亞木桶中陳年數代,使酒與木材在時間的推移中融合,形成無與倫比的風味。這個灌裝系統以修道院僧侶的傳統命名,其中酒款按照自己的系列進行分類。整個製作過程都是手工製作,遵循聖本篤的修道規則:“靠我們自己的雙手維生”。


來自《葡萄酒倡導家》(The Wine Advocate)的RP 100分
“1946年的Don PX Convento Seleccion是用佩德羅·希梅內斯(Pedro Ximenez)葡萄在第二次世界大戰期間陽光下晾乾製成的,並於2011年9月才灌裝。這是一款極致的酒,我的第一個形容詞是超級濃縮。無論在香氣還是口感上都令人難以置信地強烈,充滿了鮮美的鹹味,帶有甜美的肉桂、聖誕蛋糕、樟腦、汽油、香茅、比利時巧克力和奶油的味道。極其複雜和豐富,口感甜美、平衡順滑,既非常甜美又帶有一些鹹味,隨著時間的推移還會展現出黑橄欖的氣息。它結合了1962年份的質地和1949年份的優雅。這是一款極致奢華的甜酒。共生產了825瓶。這款酒將存活於我們之後的所有人。這些酒款保存了數代人,供應量非常有限,但令人驚訝的是,您仍然可以購買和品嚐如此古老的酒款,我甚至說它可能具有價值。一款真正的驚人甜酒力作。如果您有幸從2013年到2060年間品嚐到它,請一定要享用。”

這是一個獨特的酒莊,有些古怪和不尋常,創立於1922年,雖然他們的根源可以追溯到19世紀。酒莊的核心位於科爾多瓦南部的阿吉拉德拉弗龍特拉,蒙蒂利亞-莫里萊斯產區的中心,由收藏家、發明家和企業家安東尼奧·桑切斯(Antonio Sanchez)領導。他們每年銷售65萬升的葡萄酒,其中40%出口到27個不同的國家。他們在美國、英國、澳大利亞等地增長,亞洲的興趣也越來越大,“主要是甜酒”,該公司的出口經理安東尼奧·索爾加托(Antonio Sorgato)告訴我。“我們銷售的是甜酒,但Fino酒則困難得多。”這不僅是他們獨有的情況,整個蒙蒂利亞-莫里萊斯產區以其甜美、深色、濃稠的佩德羅·希梅內斯(Pedro Ximenez)酒而聞名。他們生產的所有葡萄酒當然都是用佩德羅·希梅內斯白葡萄發酵的,但對於甜酒,葡萄會在陽光下晾乾,製成葡萄乾,得到的酒款呈棕色,隨著時間的推移在桶中逐漸變得更加濃郁。最古老的例子是不透明的黑色,帶有像機油一樣密集的琥珀色邊緣。他們擁有一個令人印象深刻的單一年份PX葡萄酒收藏,可以追溯到第二次世界大戰時期。”- 由Luis Gutiérrez於2013年8月29日品評

來自JS Wine Ratings的JS 94分
“這款酒具有如糖漬李子、摩卡、烤核桃和乾柿子般的濃郁和豐富的層次。它呈黑色,帶有碘色調。它具有豐滿的酒體和奶油般的質地。濃稠而粘稠,帶有甜美、柔和的特性和濃烈而持久的餘韻。”- 由James Suckling於2023年1月5日品評

酒莊:Toro Albalá
葡萄品種:佩德羅·希梅內斯(Pedro Ximénez)