The Singleton Whisky MASTERCLASS 威士忌品酒會

The Singleton Whisky MASTERCLASS 威士忌品酒會

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我們的單一麥芽威士忌源自我們對於製作一款完美平衡、柔滑而豐富的威士忌的愛與熱情,讓每一口都從第一滴就美味無比。我們的單一麥芽威士忌是由我們的愛與熱情推動,追求口感完美的平衡,順滑而豐富,每一口都令人陶醉。” - The Singleton

The Singleton of Glen Ord是一款在蘇格蘭高地的Glen Ord酒廠生產的單一麥芽威士忌。該酒廠位於羅斯郡的Muir of Ord村附近。Glendullan的洋蔥形蒸餾器釀造出一款帶有青蘋果風味的細膩威士忌。The Singleton的產品大部分在美國橡木波旁酒桶中陳年,賦予甜美和豐富的堅果香氣。少部分單一麥芽則在果香濃郁的歐洲雪利酒桶中陳年。

細緻、輕盈、完美平衡。隨心所欲品味。The Singleton Glendullan是一款獨特而多用途的單一麥芽威士忌,同樣擁有豐富的歷史。

歷史最悠久的釀酒廠以慢蒸餾方法創造威士忌 🦈

藉此機會2 月 6日 (星期二) 與我們一起參加 Singleton 威士忌品酒會。
如果您想預訂座位 每位 $500 ,請聯絡我們。謝謝。

"Our Single Malt Whisky is driven by our love and passion for making a perfectly balanced, smooth yet rich whisky that is delicious from the very first sip.“ - The Singleton 

The Singleton of Glen Ord is a single malt whisky produced at the Glen Ord distillery in the Scottish Highlands. The distillery is located near the village of Muir of Ord in Ross-shire. Glendullan's onion-shaped stills produce a delicate spirit with a green apple profile. Most of The Singleton's products are aged in American oak bourbon barrels, imparting sweetness and a rich nuttiness. A smaller portion of the single malt is aged in fruity European sherry casks.

Delicate, light, and perfectly balanced. Drink it however you want. The Singleton Glendullan is a uniquely versatile single malt with an equally rich history.

Let us savor this whisky created by one of Scotland's oldest distilleries using the method of slow distillation🦈

【Special Invitation】
Take this opportunity to join us on February 6th (Tuesday) for the Singleton Whisky Masterclass. If you would like to reserve a seat at $500 per person, please contact us. Thank you.