Sydonios Empreinte Glasses (box of 6)
Sydonios Empreinte Glasses (box of 6)
Sydonios Empreinte Glasses (box of 6)

Sydonios Empreinte Glasses (box of 6)

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Sydonios is a French brand creating lead-free crystal glassware, mouth-blown by master
glassmakers in Bohemia. Characterised by finesse and feather lightness, Sydonios tasting glasses are truly singular. The perfect proportions of The Racine and Terroir glasses allow your fine wines an unprecedented fullness of expression. Sydonios glasses leave nothing to chance and respect the work of winemakers. We take real pride in quality, monitoring the manufacturing process with utmost attention to deliver a perfect tasting experience from every glass.

Empreinte Glasses is one of the product in Terroir collection . It is directly inspired by the scientific approach of the Racine range, the Terroir range is the result of close collaboration with Parisian sommelier Pierre Vila Palleja, faithfully conveying the many nuances of terroir and climate.

After several months of testing and thirty prototypes, 3 precision glass profiles were launched.

Made of lead-free crystal. Hand blown by a Bohemian glass master.

Conveys the mineral origins of wines with vibrancy and purity

Height: 250 mm
Width: 85 mm
Capacity: 420 ml