Shinobu Pure Malt  10 years Mizunara Oak Finish
Shinobu Pure Malt  10 years Mizunara Oak Finish
Shinobu Pure Malt  10 years Mizunara Oak Finish

Shinobu Pure Malt 10 years Mizunara Oak Finish 忍10年純麥威士忌

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"SHINOBU" means “forbearance” in Japanese, symbolizing the spirit of a samurai,
like making great spirits which takes time, patience and persistence.

Shinobu Distillery is located in beautiful Niigata prefecture of Japan, a place that is praised locally by its “three white treasures,” namely SNOW, RICE AND SAKE.

In the distillery lives a passionate whisky lover and an experienced brewer, Mr. Ken Usami, who also founded the craft beer brewery called Niigata Beer 20 years ago in the same town. As an innovator by heart, Mr. Usami was the first brewer to apply SECONDARY BOTTLE FERMENTATION AND AGING in Niigata beer.

Mr. Usami dreams of creating a local whisky distillery that will be able to showcase the quality of local pure water and serves the passionate community of spirit lovers. Finally in 2017, Mr. Usami obtained the first whisky license for Niigata (another FIRST!) and thus started his journey of becoming a distiller.

While the distillery is still under construction, Mr. Usami wants to experiment with blending WORLD WHISKIES to create the unique flavours of Japan. Thus the first expressions of Mizunara oak finish are born.

Shinobu vintage expressions are made by carefully selected quality whiskies from different distilleries which are first reserved in ex-sherry and ex-bourbon casks and then finished with precious Japanese Mizunara oak in Japan. All natural without colouring.

Country: Japan

Tasting Notes:  Fresh wood barrel dominates the spirit with a touch of vanilla and flowers that bring to breath of nectar; Maltose, a little bit tones of fruits citrus, Mizunara oak, coffee beans; Medium, woody, back to sweet aftertaste of maltose. The flavor from alcohol is not that strong, compared to its labeled year, which tastes smooth and easy to drink.

Awards Received:
Gold Medal in the ISC for SHINOBU 10YO
Double Gold Medal in the SFWSC 2020 for the SHIN Malt 10YO
Gold Medal in the SFWSC 2020 for the SHIN Malt & SHINOBU 10YO
Category Winner in the WWA 2020 for SHINOBU 10YO & 15YO
Gold Medal in the 76th WSWA 2019 for SHINOBU Blended
Gold Medal in the SFWSC 2019 for SHINOBU Blended
1st Place Gold Medal in the IWC 2019 for SHINOBU Blended​




儘管蒸餾所成立至今尚在發展階段,宇佐美先生期望能將日本與世界各地的原酒混合調配實驗,創造出新的風味。首批「忍威士忌 水楢木桶熟成」便由此信念而生。

飲酒筆記:中長而明顯的木香,回甘清甜麥芽糖。清新木桶香主導,少許雲呢那,淡淡花香,引出花蜜氣息;麥芽糖,少許果酸,水猶木香,咖啡豆;中長而明顯的木香,回甘清甜麥芽糖。酒精感不明顯,比起所標年份顯得老成,口感順滑, 輕鬆易飲。