Sasanokawa Shuzo 963 Blended Whisky BONDS
Sasanokawa Shuzo 963 Blended Whisky BONDS
Sasanokawa Shuzo 963 Blended Whisky BONDS

Sasanokawa Shuzo 963 Blended Whisky BONDS 笹の川酒造963日本威士忌BONDS 700ml

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963 Whisky, which will fill you with pleasure and marvel, is named after the zip code of the city of Koriyama. It's the climate of the city of Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture, that has made this whisky possible. We offer elegant whiskys you cannot buy anywhere else in the world.

Sasanokawa Shuzo Company Limited has started whisky production in 1946. The 8th company head, Tetsuzo Yamaguchi, who made suggestion on whisky production and obtained whisky production license, served as the initial president of Fukushima-KenNan-Syuhan Limited 3 years later. Enthusiastic feelings of the 8th company head Tetsuzo Yamaguchi and both companies are packed in the whisky manufactured by the Sasanokawa Shuzo with traditional technique upon planning by taking advantage of Fukushima-KenNan-Syuhan Limited’s network.

963 BONDS is blended from long-term aged and several other single malt whiskies. Combining (BONDS) single malt whiskies produces an elegant, refined flavor with a new appeal not possessed by any individual single malt whisky. Experience the rich fragrance on the rocks or as a twice up.

日本威士忌 笹の川 Sasanokawa Shuzo 的悠久歷史可以追溯到 1710 年,是日本威士忌最著名的清酒品牌之一。笹の川 Sasanokawa Shuzo 於1946年獲得威士忌生產許可證,其威士忌酒廠也於1983年成立,這使他們可以儲存和釀造更好的威士忌。笹の川 Sasanokawa Shuzo 發行了「963」威士忌系列,分別是 「963」 21年、8年、Red Label、AXIS、BONDS等威士忌。宜「963」威士忌系列,在威士忌行列中贏得了很高的聲譽。