Royal Albino Gold Caviar 50g
Royal Albino Gold Caviar 50g
Royal Albino Gold Caviar 50g

Royal Albino Gold Caviar 50g

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RCC presents an exclusive and unique varieties of caviar from all over the world, which are prepared using traditional methods, with only a small amount of salt and no preservatives, in order to maintain the best flavor of caviar. Caviar is not only a food, it is an art of living, caviar is noble and elegant, and is a true symbol of luxury and nobility. The Royal Caviar Club's mission is to let you experience true caviar culture and bring the finest things in life within easy reach. 

Depend on the season they source Caviar from best Farm around the world. They offer top quality and only A-grade caviar:

Their caviar produces from environmentally friendly and sustainable farming methods in large rivers and lake systems similar to wild caviar.

• They only use the highest-quality, and limited number types of sturgeon.

• Their caviar is famous for almost no oil and very little salt.

• Caviar has no preservative (borax) to extend shelf-life, it’s totally natural product.

Royal Albino Gold Caviar Information:

  • Sturgeon Type: Acipenser Ruthenus
  • Country of Origin:  Germany
  • Size: 2.6mm;50g
  • Packing: Little metal box
  • Texture: Very Soft
  • Taste Unique gold pearls with light sweetness and tasty notes of egg yolk brings just brilliant experience.







Royal Albino Gold Caviar Information:

  • 鱘魚品種:鱘魚(Acipenser Ruthenus)
  • 原產地:德國
  • 大小:2.6毫米;50克
  • 包裝:小金屬盒
  • 質地:非常柔軟
  • 口感:獨特的金色珍珠帶有淡淡的甜味和美味的蛋黃風味,帶來絕佳的品味體驗。