Riondo Ceccato Pinot Grigio 2020 1.5L

Riondo Ceccato Pinot Grigio 2020 1.5L

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Riondo Ceccato Pinot Grigio 1.5L is a large-format bottle of Pinot Grigio produced by RiondoCeccato, an Italian wine producer. Pinot Grigio is a popular white wine variety known for its crispness, light body, and refreshing acidity. RiondoCeccato Pinot Grigio is crafted from carefully selected grapes grown in the Veneto region of Italy. This 1.5-liter bottle is perfect for gatherings and occasions where a larger quantity of wine is desired. It offers a delightful bouquet of citrus fruits, pear, and floral notes, followed by a palate that is crisp, well-balanced, and exhibits flavors of green apple and stone fruits. RiondoCeccato Pinot Grigio 1.5L is an excellent choice for those seeking a crowd-pleasing white wine option.

RiondoCeccato Pinot Grigio 2020 is a Pinot Grigio wine produced by RiondoCeccato in the year 2020. This wine is loved for its refreshing taste, bright color, and pleasing flavor. It is made from carefully selected grapes from the Veneto region, showcasing aromas of citrus fruits, pear, and stone fruits, with balanced acidity and a smooth mouthfeel. RiondoCeccato Pinot Grigio 2020 is a great choice to pair with light dishes, seafood, or enjoy on its own. Its vintage characteristics and quality craftsmanship make it a favorable option for wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

Country / Region : delle Venezie / Veneto / Italy
Grape Varieties : Pinot Grigio
Alcohol/ABV : 12%

Riondo Ceccato Pinot Grigio 1.5L 是意大利葡萄酒生產商Riondo Ceccato生產的一款大容量Pinot Grigio葡萄酒。Pinot Grigio是一種受歡迎的白葡萄酒品種,以其清爽、輕盈和令人耳目一新的酸度而聞名。Riondo Ceccato Pinot Grigio是由在意大利Veneto地區精心挑選的葡萄製成的。這款1.5升的大瓶適合聚會和需要較大數量的葡萄酒的場合。它呈現出柑橘水果、梨子和花香的美妙香氣,口感清爽、平衡,味道帶有青蘋果和核果的風味。Riondo Ceccato Pinot Grigio 1.5L是那些尋求受眾喜愛的白葡萄酒選擇的絕佳之選。

Riondo Ceccato Pinot Grigio 2020是Riondo Ceccato在2020年生產的一款Pinot Grigio葡萄酒。這款葡萄酒因其清新的口感、明亮的色澤和愉悅的風味而受到喜愛。它由Veneto地區精心挑選的葡萄製成,展現出柑橘水果、梨子和核果的香氣,酸度平衡,口感順滑。Riondo Ceccato Pinot Grigio 2020非常適合搭配清淡菜餚、海鮮或單獨享用。其年份特色和優質工藝使其成為葡萄酒愛好者和鑒賞家的理想選擇。

原產國/地區:delle Venezie / Veneto / 意大利
葡萄品種:Pinot Grigio