Potensac 寶石酒莊 2016
Potensac 寶石酒莊 2016

Potensac 寶石酒莊 2016

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An elegant red wine from the Medoc
Chateau Potensac is produced in the Medoc appellation. The vineyard is 84 hectares, with vines around 38 years old. The soil is a mixture of clay and gravel on a bed of limestone.

The weather in 2016 was very complicated to handle. It rained heavily from January to March, creating a water reserve. The mild weather of March called for premature burning of the vines. April was cool and rainy and slowed down development. After mid-June the summer became very hot and dry. Relief came in mid-September with rain allowing for the grapes to finish maturing. Harvest took place from October 5th to 19th.

Chateau Potensac 2016 was able to fully express the potential hidden in their grapes, in spite of difficult weather. Merlot's density and softness are immediately recognizable, while the Cabernet Franc adds depth. The Cabernet Sauvignon, shows power and roundness. A concentrated, elegant wine that that should mature perfectly. Very good potential for ageing.

Rating: 94 points from James Suckling
"Outer quote mark Suave aromas of cedar and fresh red flowers with a thread of ripe red berries and blackcurrants, mulberries, coal smoke and cool stones. The palate delivers a wealth of rich red-fruit flavors, framed in sleek tannins that build with precision and length. A class act. One of the best from here in the modern era. Try from 2023."

Region/ Country: Medoc (Bordeau)/ France
Grape Varieties: 44% Merlot, 39% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Cabernet and 2% Petit Verdot
Alcohol : 14%

波坦薩克酒莊(Chateau Potensac)產於梅多克產區。 葡萄園面積84公頃,葡萄藤樹齡約38年。 土壤是石灰岩床上粘土和礫石的混合物。

2016年的天氣非常複雜,難以應付。 一月到三月下了大雨,形成了水儲備。 三月的溫和天氣要求葡萄藤過早燃燒。 四月涼爽多雨,發育減慢。 六月中旬之後,夏天變得非常炎熱乾燥。 九月中旬的降雨讓葡萄得以完全成熟,情況也有所緩解。 收穫期為10月5日至19日。

儘管天氣惡劣,波坦薩克酒莊 2016 年份仍能充分發揮葡萄中隱藏的潛力。 梅洛的密度和柔軟度一眼就能辨認出來,而品麗珠則增加了深度。 赤霞珠展現出力量和圓潤。 一款濃縮、優雅的葡萄酒,應該要完美成熟。 非常好的陳年潛力。

評分:詹姆斯·薩克林 94 分
94 分 詹姆斯·薩克林
「外引語雪松和新鮮紅花的溫和香氣,帶有一絲成熟的紅漿果和黑醋栗、桑葚、煤煙和清涼的石頭的味道。口感呈現出豐富的紅色水果風味,並以光滑的單寧精心構建而成。和長度。一流的表演。現代最好的表演之一。從 2023 年開始嘗試。”

地區/國家: 梅多克(波爾多)/法國
葡萄品種:44% 梅洛、39% 赤霞珠、15% 赤霞珠和 2% 小維多