Petit-Figeac 飛卓酒莊小飛卓紅葡萄酒 2018
Petit-Figeac 飛卓酒莊小飛卓紅葡萄酒 2018
Petit-Figeac 飛卓酒莊小飛卓紅葡萄酒 2018

Petit-Figeac 飛卓酒莊小飛卓紅葡萄酒 2018

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”A wine so great that just looking at it makes you believe in God” - Pierre Desproges

Since the vintage of 1945, Château-Figeac has been producing a second wine, created by Thierry Manoncourt, who was one of the first Bordeaux winegrowers to impose strict selection based on quality. From the vintage of 2012, this second wine was renamed Petit-Figeac and has always been made exclusively from grapes grown on the Château-Figeac estate.

The result of a specific selection when the blends are decided, Petit-Figeac is made with all the skill of the Château Figeac team. Lighter and less full -bodied than its senior, with beautiful length on the palate, a highly refined texture and a great capacity to seduce, it shows its appeal earlier. Petit-Figeac offers an ideal introduction to the spirit of the estate.

Rating: 91 points from Robert Parker

" Sporting a medium to deep garnet-purple color, the 2018 Petit-Figeac has a very pretty nose of Black Forest cake, mulberries and raspberry leaves, leading to suggestions of cinnamon stick, rose oil and tilled soil. The medium-bodied palate has all the class of its big brother, Figeac, if slightly less intensity and layers, offering soft, skillfully managed tannins and seamless freshness to support the earth-laced black fruit layers, finishing long and earthy. This is an impressive second wine that really does have the same compelling personality of the grand vin!" - Reviewed by Lisa Perrotti-Brown on Apr 22 2021
Drink Date: 2022-2034

Region/Country : Saint-Émilion (Bordeaux), France
Grape Varieties : Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet France
Alcohol : 13% vol

"一款如此出色的葡萄酒,僅僅看著它就會讓你相信上帝" - 皮埃爾·德斯普洛熱

自1945年的年份開始,Château-Figeac生產了一款副牌酒,由蒂埃里·馬諾康特(Thierry Manoncourt)創造,他是最早一批基於品質進行嚴格選擇的波爾多葡萄種植者之一。從2012年的年份開始,這款副牌酒改名為Petit-Figeac,並且一直只使用在Château-Figeac莊園種植的葡萄來釀造。

Petit-Figeac是在混合決定時進行特定選擇的結果,它是由Château Figeac團隊以所有的技巧釀製而成。與其上級酒款相比,它更輕盈、酒體更少,口感悠長,質地非常精緻,具有極高的誘惑力,並且能夠更早展現其吸引力。Petit-Figeac是品味該莊園精神理想的入門酒款。

評分:羅伯特·帕克(Robert Parker)給予91分

"這款2018年的Petit-Figeac呈中等至深石榴紫色,具有非常迷人的香氣,如黑森林蛋糕、桑椹和覆盆子葉,並帶有肉桂棍、玫瑰精油和耕地的香氣。中等酒體的口感和其兄長Figeac一樣具有高品質,雖然稍微不及其強烈和層次豐富,但提供了柔軟、技巧性管理的單寧和無縫的新鮮度,支撐著與泥土交織的黑色水果層次,收尾悠長而帶有泥土的氣息。這是一款令人印象深刻的副牌酒,實際上具有與Grand Vin相同的引人入勝的個性!" - Lisa Perrotti-Brown於2021年4月22日評論


酒精度:13% vol