Patrick Hudelot Chambolle Musigny 2008
Patrick Hudelot Chambolle Musigny 2008
Patrick Hudelot Chambolle Musigny 2008
Patrick Hudelot Chambolle Musigny 2008

Patrick Hudelot Chambolle Musigny 2008 魚得樂酒莊香波-慕西尼干紅葡萄酒

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The first vines were planted in 1950 and today the vineyard covers 29 hectares in teh Hautes Cotes de Nuits, 2 hectares in the prestigious Nuit-St-Georges area. In 2000, Patrick switched over to natural production methods and achieved offical organic status in 2003. He believes that wine is a link between the earth and our spirit, a sort of "psychic fuel". He is a strong believer in the properties of polyphenols found in wine that are excellent for the skin and help protect cells from free radicals. Three main grape varieties are grown: 22 hectares of Pinot Noir, 2 of Aligote and 6 of Chardonnay and Patrick goes to great care to allow the terroir to express itself in the grapes.

Vinification: Grapes are sorted and totally destemed. This wine is naturally fermented in tank during two to three weeks with daily punch down and some pump overs to help fermentation. To keep all the fruitiness of this wine, it is aged for 12 months in tank before bottling.

Tasting Notes: The Chambolle Musigny 2008 shows its usual style finesse. Well coated, the mouth will go well with varied dishes, from the finest to the most elaborate. On this cuvée, the pinot fruit is a continuous acclamation to the freshness of taste and elegance.
The nose releases voluminous aromas of ripe red berries with spicy notes.

Country/Region: Burgundy, France

1950年,魚得樂莊園(Patrick Hudelot)在布根地的土地上種下了第一批葡萄藤,時至今日,酒莊不僅在上夜丘(Hautes Côtes de Nuits)擁有29公頃葡萄園,在極具盛名的夜聖喬治(Nuits-Saint-Georges)也擁有2公頃的葡萄園。2000年,Patrick開始採用純天然的種植方式,並於2003年酒莊獲得官方有機認證。他認為葡萄酒是土地與人的精神紐帶,是一種“精神動力”。同時,他堅信葡萄酒中的多酚類物質可以減緩皮膚衰老,保護細胞免受自由基的侵害。

魚得樂莊園主要種植3個葡萄品種:22公頃黑皮諾(Pinot Noir),2公頃阿里高特(Aligoté)和6公頃霞多麗(Chardonnay)。