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Orin Swift NAPA VALLEY PALERMO CAB SAUV 2020 奥林斯威夫特酒莊 巴勒莫赤霞珠红酒

Orin Swift NAPA VALLEY PALERMO CAB SAUV 2020 奥林斯威夫特酒莊 巴勒莫赤霞珠红酒

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Aged for 14 months in French Oak, 30% new

15.3% Alc./Vol.

Founder of Orin Swift Dave Phinney, a Napa wine legend was named Winemaker of the Year by Wine Enthusiast. Every wine in the portfolio from vineyard source to distinct artwork adorning the label, offers a unique point of view while creating a heart-skipping impression. Robert Parker admires his his wines for their considerable character and complexity. He’s as known for his innovative packaging as he is for wine quality and personality. He believes that wine should resemble a piece of great art, and his labels, inspired as much by street art as fine art, tell stories about the vineyard, the vintage, the winemaker.

WINEMAKER’S NOTES:The wine sits in the glass with a dark mauve and crimson red rim. Classic and traditional Left Bank Bordeaux nose of ripe cassis, blackberry and assorted blue fruits with a touch of chapparal. The entry is robust with notes of blackberry pie, black cherry, and impressive weight. Soft tannins and a bright finish round out the wine with a lingering touch of orange peel.
全球最具影響力嘅葡萄酒評論家 Robert Parker曾經稱讚 Orin Swift 釀酒師 Dave Phinney:「放眼全球葡萄酒菁英,Dave係最具創造力年輕釀酒師之一。年紀雖輕卻不失世故練達,持續不斷努力所展現個性與才氣,令人讚賞不已。」
2020年对纳帕谷嘅每个人来说都系一个具有挑战性嘅年份。由于影响收成嘅众多因素,果实质素各不相同。 然而,每批酒都经过细致嘅品尝同分析,确保最终装瓶嘅葡萄酒冇任何瑕疵。入门级Palermo系该地区同品种嘅最典型代表。这款Palermo得益于纳帕谷嘅各种微型区域气候,如卢瑟福、圣赫勒拿等。
Palermo Cabernet Sauvignon嘅葡萄来自于Rutherford等产区,系成个Napa Valley葡萄园拼凑融合而成嘅写照,也系“Napa葡萄酒嘅最佳代言”。 樽身系一张令人瞠目结脷嘅木乃伊祭司嘅照片,为 《国家地理杂志》 拍摄嘅一系列照片之一,反映了酿酒人Pinney对Cabernet Sauvignon嘅崇敬。“呢张照片具有力量和尊严,呢就系我哋对优质嘅Cabernet Sauvignon葡萄嘅睇法。我哋就系真嘅尊重佢。