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Orin Swift Abstract Blend 2019 奥林斯威夫特酒莊 大千世界紅酒

Orin Swift Abstract Blend 2019 奥林斯威夫特酒莊 大千世界紅酒

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Region: Napa, USA

Aged for 8 months in French and American Oak, 27% new.

15.2% Alc. by volume

Rating: 91 Points by Robert Parker and Wine Spectator

Founder of Orin Swift Dave Phinney, a Napa wine legend was named Winemaker of the Year by Wine Enthusiast. Every wine in the portfolio from vineyard source to distinct artwork adorning the label, offers a unique point of view while creating a heart-skipping impression. Robert Parker admires his his wines for their considerable character and complexity. He’s as known for his innovative packaging as he is for wine quality and personality. He believes that wine should resemble a piece of great art, and his labels, inspired as much by street art as fine art, tell stories about the vineyard, the vintage, the winemaker.

Abstract being one of our largest blends, we were diligent with the process of evaluating the wines; a patchwork of individual lots that retain some of their character but meld seamlessly together—like the collage—is why this wine is always a team favorite. 

Winemaker's Tasting Notes: The 2020 Abstract pours a neon purple splash. Aromatics with gravity, the wine pulls you in with notes of blueberry, black fig, bloodied strawberry and hints of musk and rhubarb. Bold on the entry, the palate exudes rich notes of dark plum and ripe framboise with a slightly chalky texture. The wine transitions effortlessly to a finish of black cherry, sweet licorice and some quick drying tannins.

The world's most influential wine critic Robert Parker once praised Orin Swift winemaker Dave Phinney: "Looking at the global wine elite, Dave is one of the most creative young winemakers . The personality and talent you show through continuous hard work is admirable .” Dave Phinney has always been known for his boldness and innovation. He is good at blending different vineyards and different varieties of grapes, always setting off a new trend in blending wine. Qu has always liked challenges, breaking down barriers, and is also good at building best-selling wine brands. "Come with me to play and think outside the box" can be said to be Dave Phinney's motto, because Qu always wants to get out of the frame, break with tradition, and be bold and innovative.

The wine that has made Dave Phinney famous is Zinfandel – The Prisoner, a trendy California blend that was launched in 2000, often highly rated by Wine Spectator and a regular on the WS Top 100 list. In 2010, Phinney sold The Prisoner to Quintessa owner Huneeus Vintners for a reported price of $40 million.

Later, Dave turned to the Collection series of wines and the Location brand series of wines with the abbreviation of the country name as the wine label. It does not emphasize the age, does not adhere to the terroir, does not limit the variety, and only pursues excellent quality. The best blend ratio of different grape varieties from different producing areas is adopted to produce the most outstanding high-quality wines and lead a new trend.

帶有力道的濃郁芳香,綻放藍莓、無花果、草莓和淡淡的麝香與大黃香氣。入口即刻感受圓潤雄厚的單寧,散發豐富的成熟黑李果香和些許礦物風味。餘韻綿延伴隨黑櫻桃、甜甘草氣息。Abstract Blend已经被列入《葡萄酒观察家》前100名葡萄酒。无论系葡萄品种嘅稀有性仲系酒标嘅独特性,它都系一种令人惊叹的佳酿。

Orin Swift葡萄酒嘅标签同名极具艺术气息、令人难忘,系世间上独一无二嘅。全球最具影響力嘅葡萄酒評論家 Robert Parker曾經稱讚 Orin Swift 釀酒師 Dave Phinney:「放眼全球葡萄酒菁英,Dave係最具創造力年輕釀酒師之一。年紀雖輕卻不失世故練達,持續不斷努力所展現個性與才氣,令人讚賞不已。」

Phinney受到佢喺客厅摆嘅意大利设计师嘅拼贴画启发,从旅行时喺机场购买嘅杂志中撷取摘要嘅230張圖像,設計出这款大千世界红酒吸引人的酒標。就好似拼贴嘅酒标一样,瓶中嘅葡萄酒由Grenache、Petite Sirah同Syrah混酿而成,采收来自加州一百多个葡萄园中嘅优质葡萄,经过几个月马拉松式嘅品尝缩小范围筛选出最适合嘅嚟酿造这款酒。