Olfaction N' Dijon Cassis Perfume (75ml)
Olfaction N' Dijon Cassis Perfume (75ml)
Olfaction N' Dijon Cassis Perfume (75ml)
Olfaction N' Dijon Cassis Perfume (75ml)

Olfaction N' Dijon Cassis Perfume (75ml) 第戎甜酒氣味

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The Taste of Love

At some point in life, you need a glass of wine to soothe yourself, just like living in the city, you want to find reason to be loved. Since you are here, let me tell you a love story, a myth that has been told long time ago…

You must have seen a painting, the theme has been drawn by many Western artists before, a young man with grapes and vine leaves in his hair. He was Bacchus, the god of wine and viticulture. Although he was the child of Jupiter (the king of the gods) and goddess Proserpina, he had an unfortunate childhood. By chance, Bacchus learnt how to make wine from grapes. He also discovered that wine can help to cast away worries, making him forgot his trauma and pain. Since then, he liked to immerse himself in wines. When he was sober, he used to spread happiness on Earth, and taught people how to grow grapes and make wines. It is believed that Bacchus was associated with agriculture and harvests, as well as forests and fruit trees.

「香氣就是一條時光隧道 – 留住浪漫溫馨時刻」

氣味可以影響心情同時刻畫記憶,就像一條時光隧道一樣,每一縷的香氣都能喚醒對於某個人或某段時光的記憶,長久留住當下的感覺。優質原材料搜羅至世界各地、研製自香港的香薰生活品牌 Olfaction N’(歐倫馥舍),正正希望以各款獨特的香氣,為大家帶來一段又一段穿越時空的氣味旅行、細味種種溫馨難忘時刻。繼去年品牌推出靈感源自不同地域時空的五大香薰氣味,今個冬季 Olfaction N’ 為大家帶來全新甜蜜愛的味道 -- Dijon Cassis(第戎甜酒),讓今個冬天彌漫著暖暖愛意,留住浪漫溫馨時刻。


前調: 香橙、青綠香、黑加侖子、果香
中調: 覆盆子、黑加侖子、蘋果、茉莉
基調: 香草、麝香、焦糖
使用方法: 將淡香水噴灑於空氣,並進入香氣之中;或是將淡香水直接噴於脈搏點或頸項等位置,切勿接觸眼睛。