Mystic Island Yueyun Qiupin Red Wine 仙島酒莊 岳韻丘品乾紅葡萄酒 2019 Shandong Yantai China
Mystic Island Winery China Yantai Shandong
Inside Mystic Island
Inside Mystic Island
Planting grapes area  種植葡萄區域
Oak barrel aged 橡木桶陳釀

Mystic Island Yueyun Qiupin Red Wine 仙島酒莊 岳韻丘品乾紅葡萄酒 2019 Shandong Yantai China

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Mystic Island Winery was founded in 2008 as a boutique winery that integrates humanities, arts, and ecology. The winery is located in a small valley in the core area of the Lotus Grape Wine Region on the Penglai Fairy Island in Yantai, Shandong Province, China. This region is known for its fertile soil and unique climate that is ideal for growing grapes. Penglai originated from the legend of "San Shen Shan" (Three Gods Mountain) on the sea, also known as "Penglai Fairy Island", a mysterious place. The founder of the winery named it "Mystic Island" after this mythical location.

The grapes are hand-picked and destemmed before being carefully sorted to remove any unwanted berries. The red wine grapes are then gently fed into the fermentation tanks for a cold soak prior to fermentation, allowing the extraction of soft tannins and color. During fermentation, the juice is pumped over the skins and warmed during the later period of fermentation to extract more color and tannin. Post fermentation the wine is drained from the tank and put into a mix of French oak barriques for approximately 8 months. While in oak the wine will complete Malo lactic fermentation and will remain on lees to give the wine additional weight and texture before blending.

This wine is a high-quality red wine produced by Mystic Island Winery in Shandong Province, China. The name "Yueyun Qiupin" translates to "Moon and Clouds, Autumn Grapes." This wine is made from 60% of 2019 Cabernet Franc and 40% of 2019 Merlot from the Mystic Winery Vineyard. Bright ruby red color with aromas of ripe strawberry, blackberry, and black plum, with a hint of violet flowers and slight toasty. Fruity on the palate, soft tannins, medium acidity, it has a concentrated and balanced structure, with a hint of spice and a finish of chocolate and coffee.

Produced from China, Shandong, Yantai, Qiushan Valley
Vintage: 2019
Aged in oak: 8 months
Vine Age: 8.5 years
Grape Varieties: Cabernet Franc 60%, Merlot 40%
Alcohol: 13.5%
Serving Temperature: 14-16℃
Production: 9,000 bottles made.

葡萄品種: 品匯珠60%、梅樂40%

仙島酒莊創建於2008年是一家將人文、藝術、生態融為一體的精品酒莊。酒莊坐落在山東省煙台蓬萊仙島葡萄酒產區的核心小產區一丘山山谷。這裡以肥沃的土壤和獨特的氣候聞名,非常適合種植葡萄。蓬萊起源於海上 “三神山” 的傅說,又被稱為“蓬萊仙島”,是一個有著神秘色彩的地方,創始人便以“Mystic Island-仙烏酒莊,為酒莊命名。

葡萄經過嚴格的除梗和手工挑選後,緩慢進入發酵罐;發酵前進行低溫冷浸漬,提高優質單穿和顏色萃取;發酵過程進行皮渣噴淋,發酵後期升溫,增加多酚物質萃取;發酵結束後在法國橡木桶中完成蘋果酸乳酸發酵,並繼續陳釀8個月,調配前保留酒泥 以增加葡萄酒的酒體和質地。

這款酒是由中國山東省仙島酒莊生產的高級紅葡萄酒。"Yueyun Qiupin" 的名字翻譯為「月亮和雲彩,秋天的葡萄」。Mystic Island Yueyun Qiupin Red Wine由60%品麗珠和40%梅樂發酵而成。酒體呈明亮的寶石紅色,带有成熟的草莓、黑莓、黑李子的果香,並伴有淡淡的紫羅蘭花香,略有烘烤氣息。入口果味豐富,單寧柔順,酸度中等,酒體結欂集中旦平衡,略有類似辛香料的辛辣感,收尾有巧克力、咖啡等味道。