Mystic Island Yihu Dry Red Wine 逸湖乾紅葡萄酒
Mystic Island Yihu Dry Red Wine with snack 逸湖乾紅葡萄酒
Mystic Island Yihu Dry Red Wine 逸湖乾紅葡萄酒 2018
Mystic Island

Mystic Island Yihu Dry Red Wine 逸湖乾紅葡萄酒 2018 Shandong Yantai China

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Mystic Island Winery was founded in 2008 as a boutique winery that integrates humanities, arts, and ecology. The winery is located in a small valley in the core area of the Lotus Grape Wine Region on the Penglai Fairy Island in Yantai, Shandong Province, China. This region is known for its fertile soil and unique climate that is ideal for growing grapes. Penglai originated from the legend of "San Shen Shan" (Three Gods Mountain) on the sea, also known as "Penglai Fairy Island", a mysterious place. The founder of the winery named it "Mystic Island" after this mythical location.

Carefully selected grapes are hand-picked and de-stemmed without crushing to reduce phenolic extraction from the seeds. The red wine grapes are then gently fed through a peristaltic pump and into the fermentation tanks for cold soaking prior to fermentation, allowing the extraction of soft tannins and color. During fermentation, the juice is pumped over the skins three times per day with the temperature peaking at 34 degrees C. Post fermentation the wine is drained from the tank and put into a mix of French oak barriques for approximately 8 months While in oak the wine will undergo full MLF and will remain on the lees to give the wine additional weight and texture before blending.

The 2018 vintage is the "First Harvest" of Mystic Winery with the growing season providing warm ripe fruit flavors throughout the red varieties. The wine is bright ruby red in color, with rich blueberry and blackberry aromas combined with oak, tobacco, and spice notes. The palate is medium-bodied and well-balanced. The grainy tannins and minerality provide support and freshness to the palate while the oak aging adds complexity and texture.


Produced from China, Shandong, Yantai
Vintage: 2018
France Aged in oak: 8 months
Vine Age: 7.5 years
Grape Varieties: Cabernet Franc 40%, Merlot 33%,Cabernet Sauvignon 22%, Petit Verdot 5%
Alcohol: 13.5%vol
Production: 26,000 bottles made.

葡萄品種:品服珠 40%、梅樂 33%、赤霞珠 22%、小味兒多 5%

仙島酒莊創建於2008年是一家將人文、藝術、生態融為一體的精品酒莊。酒莊坐落在山東省煙台蓬萊仙島葡萄酒產區的核心小產區一丘山山谷。這裡以肥沃的土壤和獨特的氣候聞名,非常適合種植葡萄。蓬萊起源於海上 “三神山” 的傅說,又被稱為“蓬萊仙島”,是一個有著神秘色彩的地方,創始人便以“Mystic Island-仙烏酒莊,為酒莊命名。


手工採擔,嚴格精遇;葡萄除梗後不進行破碎,經蜩動泵緩慢進入到發酵罐,減少對葡萄籽多酚物質的提取,發酵前進行低溫冷浸潰,增加優質單寧和顏色提取;發酵過程每天用酒汁三次嘳淋皮渣,最高溫度 34C;發酵後葡萄酒從發醇罐轉移至法國橡木桶中熟成8個月。在橡木桶中進行完全的蘋果酸乳酸發醇,調配前保留酒泥以增加葡萄酒的酒體和質地。

2018 年份酒足仙島酒莊的“First Harvest”,該生長季红色葡萄品種呈現出愉悅的成熟水果香。酒體呈明亮的寶石紅色,帶有濃郁的藍莓、黑莓等漿果氣思,混合著橡木、煙草和香料的芳香。酒體平衡,單寧緊致,中度酒體伴有礦物質味道,經道橡木陳釀處理,既有一定的複雜度,又具有一定的質感。