Mystic Island Yihu Chardonnay Reserve Dry White Wine 2020 逸湖霞多麗珍藏乾白葡萄酒
Mystic Island Yihu Chardonnay Reserve Dry White
Mystic Island Yihu Chardonnay Reserve Dry White
Inside Mystic Island

Mystic Island Yihu Chardonnay Reserve Dry White Wine 2020 逸湖霞多麗珍藏乾白葡萄酒

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Founded in 2008, Mystic Island Winery is a boutique winery that integrates culture, art, and ecology. The winery is located in the core area of the Lotus Grape Wine Region on a hillside valley in Xian Island, Penglai, Yantai, Shandong Province. This area is known for its fertile soil and unique climate, which are ideal for growing grapes. Penglai, originating from the legend of "San Shen Mountain" on the sea, is also known as the "Mystic Island." The winery was named Mystic Island Winery in honor of this mystical place.

This wine is made from 2020 Chardonnay grapes, which are carefully selected and handpicked from Mystic Island Winery's own vineyards. The winemaker has selected 12 small plots of grapes with the best maturity. It has a bright lemon-yellow color and a rich aroma of citrus, stone fruits, minerals, and perfectly integrated oak. On the palate, it is medium to full-bodied, with a tight and balanced acidity, silky texture, ample fruit flavors, noticeable minerality, and a balanced and long finish.

The Chardonnay is grown on 25 small hilly hillside terraced plots with an average size of about 0.8 mu each. Winemakers carefully selected 12 small plots of grapes with optimum ripeness. The bunches are carefully selected by hand, and they are carefully sorted before the whole bunches were gently squeezed in the small membrane press. After minimal settling the juice was racked into new Barreis end loft diene to ferment, naturally with wild east. Following a cool and slow fermentation, the MLF was also encouraged naturally in the barrels. The entire fermentation process lasted for approximately 3 months, the wine continued to mature on Yeast lees for further 9 months. In 2020, we increased the use of one-year-old French oak barrels and prolonged the low-temperature fermentation time, allowing the lemon, citrus, stone fruit, and other fruit flavors to be fully displayed.


Produced from China, Shandong, Yantai
Vintage: 2020
Aged in oak: 60% aged in one-year-old French oak, 40% aged in new French oak for 12 months.
Vine Age: 9.5 years
Grape Varieties:  100% Chardonnay 
Alcohol: 12.5%
Serving Temperature: 10-14℃
Production:1,478 bottles made.

橡木桶陳釀:60% 一年法國橡木桶、40% 全新法國橡木桶陳釀12個月
葡萄品種: 100%霞多麗

仙島酒莊創建於2008年是一家將人文、藝術、生態融為一體的精品酒莊。酒莊坐落在山東省煙台蓬萊仙島葡萄酒產區的核心小產區一丘山山谷。這裡以肥沃的土壤和獨特的氣候聞名,非常適合種植葡萄蓬萊起源於海上 “三神山” 的傅說,又被稱為“蓬萊仙島”,是一個有著神秘色彩的地方,創始人便以“Mystic Island-仙烏酒莊,為酒莊命名。



這款酒由2020年的霞多麗葡萄製成,是由 仙島酒莊自己的葡萄園精心挑選和手工採摘的。釀酒師精心挑選了12個成熟度最佳的小地塊葡萄原料。明亮的檸檬黃色,豐富的柑橘、核果及礦物的味道與橡木香完美融合。中等至飽滿酒體,酸度緊致平衡,質地如絲般順滑,果味充足,礦物質感明顯,回味均衡且悠長。