Moss Wood Pinot Noir 2017
Moss Wood Pinot Noir 2017
Moss Wood Pinot Noir 2017
Moss Wood Pinot Noir 2017

Moss Wood Pinot Noir 2017

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Moss Wood was founded in 1969 and is now owned by Keith and Clare Musford. It is in the Wilyabrup sub-region of Margaret River, which is an ideal region for producing world class wines due to the favourable climate. Moss Wood is one of the founding wineries in Margaret River and has been awarded with the highest (five star) rating by critic James Halliday. Their Cabernet Sauvignon is also one of 22 wines rated ‘Exceptional’ by the Langton’s Classification of Australian Wines. The reds are made from Bordeaux grape varieties: Cabernet, Merlot, Malbec and Petit Verdot and can easily rival Bordeaux classified growth at the same price points.

Dr. John Gladstones' climate research in 1965 suggested that the Margaret River area had the potential to produce high-quality table wine, particularly Bordeaux varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon. Moss Wood founders Bill and Sandra Pannell, however, approached the region with open minds and planted other noble varieties, including Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. While Chardonnay thrived, Pinot Noir faced challenges due to its sensitivity and demanding vineyard and winemaking techniques. Despite this, Moss Wood has always believed in the quality of their Pinot Noir, and as consumer acceptance of the variety has grown, it has become a mainstream choice.

the Moss Wood Pinot Noir 2017, a delightful offering from the esteemed Moss Wood winery in Margaret River, Western Australia. This vintage showcases their mastery in producing exceptional Pinot Noir wines with elegance and finesse.This vintage exemplifies Moss Wood's commitment to crafting exceptional wines that reflect the unique terroir of the region. The Moss Wood Pinot Noir 2017 is a testament to their passion for producing wines of elegance and distinction, making it a delightful choice for any Pinot Noir enthusiast.

Tasting notes:
Color: Ruby color
Nose: Ripe cherries, wild berries, and delicate floral notes
Palate: Ripe red fruits, such as cherries and raspberries, dance on the tongue, intermingled with hints of forest floor and earthiness
Finish: Long and lingering, carrying the essence of red fruits and a touch of oak.

Winery: Moss Wood
Country: Australia
Year: 2017
Variety: Pinot Noir
ABV: 14%
Size: 750ml

Moss Wood酒莊成立於1969年,現由Keith和Clare Musford夫婦擁有。它位於瑪格麗特河的Wilyabrup分區,由於有利的氣候條件,該地區是生產世界一流葡萄酒的理想地區。 Moss Wood是瑪格麗特河的創始酒莊之一,獲得了評論家詹姆斯哈利戴最高(五星級)評級。他們的赤霞珠也是Langton's澳洲葡萄酒分類中22種被評為「傑出」的葡萄酒之一。紅酒採用波爾多葡萄品種:赤霞珠、梅洛、馬爾貝克和小維多,可以輕鬆與同樣價位的波爾多列級酒相媲美。

1965年,約翰·格拉德斯通斯博士的氣候研究表明,瑪格麗特河地區有潛力生產高品質的餐桌酒,尤其是波爾多品種如赤霞珠。然而,Moss Wood酒莊的創始人比爾和桑德拉·潘內爾以開放的心態來對待這個地區,並種植了其他高貴品種,包括霞多麗和黑比諾。儘管夏多內茁壯成長,黑比諾因其敏感性和對葡萄園和釀酒工藝的苛刻要求而面臨挑戰。儘管如此,Moss Wood始終相信他們的黑比諾具有卓越品質,隨著消費者對這個品種的接受度增加,它已成為主流選擇。

Moss Wood黑比諾2017年份是西澳大利亞瑪格麗特河地區著名的Moss Wood酒莊帶來的美妙之作。這個年份展示了他們在生產優雅而精緻的黑比諾葡萄酒方面的造詣。這個年份是Moss Wood酒莊致力於打造出反映該地區獨特風土的卓越葡萄酒的體現。 Moss Wood黑比諾2017年份證明了他們對生產優雅而與眾不同的葡萄酒的熱情,使其成為任何黑比諾愛好者的愉悅之選。


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