Pear Alcohol Free sparkling wine
Pear Alcohol Free sparkling wine
Pear Alcohol Free sparkling wine
Manufaktur Jorg Geiger C-Bratbirne Heritage 梨子口味香檳
Manufaktur Jorg Geiger C-Bratbirne Heritage 梨子口味香檳

Manufaktur Jorg Geiger C-Bratbirne Heritage 梨子口味香檳

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 C-Bratbirne from Manufaktur Jörg Geiger is a Pear Alcohol Free sparkling wine. Champagne Bratbirne is the Queen of Non Alcoholic wines. Matured on the lees for 3 years, de-alcoholized, and skillfully refined. Elegant and exclusive, light, less sweet.

Production place: Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

Smell: The aromas of roasted pear in champagne are subtly blended with dry pear notes. It exudes a faint taste of white flowers and brioche, characteristic of yeast that has been stored in champagne bottles for years.

Palate: This wine embodies the perfect balance of restrained sweetness and acidity. Champagne's roasted pears are delicate in taste, leaving light tannins in the aftertaste.

Ingredients: 62% dealcoholized pear juice, carbonated pear juice. A dealcoholizing drink containing sparkling pear wine, herbs and spices.

Recommended: As a stimulating aperitif | with very delicate, light fish dishes.

Origin and Production:

Manufaktur Jörg Geiger combine the finest raw material that WiesenObst can offer with the most complex production:

The rare champagne roast pears now grow on giant trees that are over 100 years old.

The harvest is hand-picked by the small farmers in order to develop
the aromas in terms of scent and taste to their peak through the elaborate ripening of the pears in our special “sweating” process.

After pressing the champagne roast pear, the existing fructose is converted
into alcohol through the gentle first fermentation, and the sensory diversity is formed.

This is followed by filling the champagne bottle and a second fermentation.

After at least three years on the yeast, further typical notes of bottle fermentation and maturation are formed, often reminiscent of brioche bread.

It's time to uncork the bottles and gently and completely free the champagne roasting pear from the alcohol using vacuum distillation; the only thing that
needs to be preserved is the delicate aroma.

Now the experience and passion of the Jörg Geiger factory comes into play, which has been producing alcohol-free compositions since 2003 that leave nothing to be desired.

The juice of very ripe, almost dried champagne roast pears is used to round off the finishing. Jörg Geiger skillfully and discreetly refines the alcohol-free champagne roasting pear into a unique experience.

Manufaktur Jörg Geiger Champagne Bratbirne Heritage(梨子口味香檳)是一款來自德國的特色酒款。




62% 脫醇梨汁、碳酸梨汁。含有起泡梨酒、香草和香料的脫醇飲料。

作為刺激的開胃酒 | 搭配非常精致、清淡的魚類菜肴


Manufaktur Jörg Geiger 將 WiesenObst(草甸水果)最好的原料與複雜的生產流程相結合:







現在Jörg Geiger工廠的經驗和激情發揮作用,自2003年以來,他們一直生產無酒精的組合,無所不滿足。

使用非常成熟、幾乎乾燥的香檳烤梨果汁來完成最後的調和。 Jörg Geiger巧妙而謹慎地將無酒精的香檳烤梨精細調製,創造出獨特的體驗。