Barons de Rothschild Long Dai 瓏岱 2018
Barons de Rothschild Long Dai
Barons de Rothschild Long Dai
Barons de Rothschild Long Dai

Barons de Rothschild Long Dai 瓏岱 2018

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The Long Dai Marselan has a nose that is initially imbued with subtle black fruit notes, such as blueberry, which quickly give way to spicy notes of nutmeg and liquorice. As the wine is aerated, it reveals floral scents of hawthorn and violet, which are emblematic of the Marselan grape grown in the Long Dai terroir. On the palate, the wine is concentrated and dominated by black fruit flavors, with blueberry and blackberry notes followed by roasted and cocoa notes. The wine is finely structured by rich and elegant tannins that support a good length on the palate. This wine is a perfect example of the winery's dedication to producing high-quality wines that showcase the unique terroir of the Long Dai region. It is a wine that is both complex and elegant, and it is sure to be a hit with wine lovers who appreciate wine with depth and character.

Produced from China, Shandong Qiu Shan
Vintage: 2018
Grape Varieties: Cabernet sauvignon 75%, Marselan 17%, Cabernet Franc 8%
Length/Type of Aging: Oak barrels for 18 months
Alcohol content: 14.5 % vol

Long Dai speaks of man and nature, civilization and Chinese heritage, ancestral knowledge, and the avant-garde of our winegrowers. An encounter. Domaine de Long Dai is nestled at the heart of the Qiu Shan Valley in the Shandong Province in the North eastern part of China. The climate here is tempered by the influence of the Yellow Sea located a mere 20 km away. The 34-ha vineyard is spread over 420 terraces, following the agricultural tradition in the region. 

龍岱馬瑟蘭的香氣最初充滿了微妙的黑色水果香氣,例如藍莓,很快就被肉荳蔻和甘草的辛辣香氣所取代。 當葡萄酒曝氣時,它會散發出山楂和紫羅蘭的花香,這是龍岱風土中種植的馬瑟蘭葡萄的象徵。 口感上,這款酒濃郁,以黑色水果風味為主,帶有藍莓和黑莓的味道,其次是烘焙和可可的味道。 該酒結構細膩,單寧豐富而優雅,餘味悠長。 這款酒是酒莊致力於生產高品質葡萄酒的完美典範,展示了龍岱地區獨特的風土條件。 這是一款既複雜又優雅的葡萄酒,一定會受到那些欣賞葡萄酒的深度和個性的葡萄酒愛好者的歡迎。


岱講述了人與自然、文明與中國傳統、祖傳知識以及我們葡萄種植者的前衛精神。 一次邂逅。 龍岱酒莊坐落在中國東北部山東省秋山谷的中心地帶。這裡的氣候受到僅20公里外的黃海的影響。 佔地 34 公頃的葡萄園分佈在 420 個梯田上,遵循該地區的農業傳統。