Levy & McClellan Ampersand Cabernet Sauvignon 利維&麥克莱倫副牌红酒 2010
Levy & McClellan Ampersand Cabernet Sauvignon 2010
Levy & McClellan Ampersand Cabernet Sauvignon 2010
Levy & McClellan Ampersand Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

Levy & McClellan Ampersand Cabernet Sauvignon 利維&麥克莱倫副牌红酒 2010

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By Bob Levy & Martha McClellan
Winemaker of Harlan Estate

Levy & McClellan Winery, planted in 1999, is a wine birthed by Bob Levy and Martha McClellan. Spending years searching for the right plot with the right soil to plant the grapes, Bob and Martha wants a wine that express the highest level of quality and expression of the terroir where they grow with the least amount of input and manipulation during vinification.
Bob Levy has been the winemaker at Harlan Estate since its beginning, and, along with owner Bill Harlan, is in the process of making Bond as prodigious as Harlan Estate. Many people, including those owners of Bordeaux chateau, regard Harlan Estate as the 1st growth of California.
Martha McClellan has been the winemaker for Napa Valley superstar cult wineries, Blankiet and Sloan. Robert Parker claimed “The goal to produce world-class wines at Blankiet Estate has been accomplished, combining the extraordinary power of the site with unbelievable elegance and definition.
“These efforts are produced by two quiet, somewhat reclusive individuals with extraordinary resumes, limitless talent, and a perfectionist, nearly obsessive attitude toward making world-class wines.” - Robert Parker  

Tasting note:         
“This Cabernet blend offers a truly voluptuous, supremely satisfying experience now and promises grandeur for the next decade. Dark purple-colored, it launches forth with alluring aromas of toasted vanilla oak, cassis, and hints of baking spices. Primary notes of dark chocolate, currants, figs, and dates are deftly balanced across a tightly wound texture that opened up after 15 minutes in the glass. This monumental wine is a leviathan now and ready to thrill after decanting. Enjoy now through 2022+.”

Levy&McClellan利维&麥克莱倫酒莊成立於1999年,係由Bob Levy同妻子Martha McClellan一齊成立嘅。佢哋花咗好多年嘅時間尋找心儀嘅土地同土壤去種植葡萄,務求種出一種最高品質及最充分表現風土特色嘅葡萄酒。

Bob Levy自創立以來就一直係哈蘭莊園Harlan Estate嘅釀酒師,並成功與酒莊持有者Bill Harlan一齊打造哈蘭莊園Harlan Estate成為加州納帕谷嘅代表酒莊之一,而且喺愛好者心中,哈蘭無疑係美國酒嘅標杆之一。

妻子Martha McClellan曾是納帕谷著名膜拜酒莊Blantieet同Sloan嘅釀酒師。佢哋豐富嘅經驗造就咗今日嘅利维&麥克莱倫酒莊,出品嘅葡萄酒都具有獨特嘅韻味同極佳嘅陳年潛力。