Les Griffons de Pichon Baron 2018 碧尚男爵副牌紅酒 2018
Les Griffons de Pichon Baron 2018 碧尚男爵副牌紅酒 2018
Les Griffons de Pichon Baron 2018 碧尚男爵副牌紅酒 2018

Les Griffons de Pichon Baron 2018 碧尚男爵副牌紅酒 2018

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Les Griffons de Pichon Baron is one of the second wines of the property. Created since the 2012 vintage, it has a pure and direct character.

The grapes which make up this wine's blend come primarily from gravelly plots of land near to the Gironde estuary, a good environment for Cabernet-sauvignon.

Les Griffons offers a vigorous and fresh tasting experience, full-bodied and clean, overflowing with energy. It can be laid down in the cellar for over 20 years or enjoyed right away.

In 2018, the weather conditions for grape cultivation in Pichon Baron were generally favorable. The winter temperatures were moderate without any extreme conditions. There was regular rainfall from December to March, with total rainfall exceeding the average. Spring was mild, followed by a hot and dry summer. Bud break occurred in early April, and flowering proceeded smoothly in May. The vineyard took precautions to protect against diseases until the end of July. From bunch closure to veraison, temperatures were high, resulting in excellent ripening conditions. The skins developed rich anthocyanins, and the tannins ripened early. The potential alcohol content increased rapidly, while acidity levels were low. Overall, the 2018 vintage showed great promise.

The Merlot were harvested from 24th September to 1st October, and the Cabernet-Sauvignon from 3rd to 8th October.

Rating : 
92 points from JS Wine Rating
Blackberry, plum, cocoa and gravel aromas. It’s medium-to full-bodied with firm, fine tannins framing a solid core of spiced black fruit. Tight, mineral finish. Very fine and balanced.” - Tasted on Mar 23, 2021 by James Suckling

91 points from The Wine Advocate

The 2018 Les Griffons de Pichon Baron is composed of 52% Cabernet Sauvignon and 48% Merlot, aged for 12 months in barriques, 30% new and 70% one year old. Production of this label represents 20% of the harvest this year. Deep garnet-purple colored, the nose opens with wonderfully pure cassis and ripe black plums notes, leading to hints of clove oil, chocolate-covered cherries and tobacco leaf, with a waft of bay leaves. The palate delivers a firm, rugged texture and soft acidity, framing the mouth-coating black fruits nicely, finishing on a savory note.” - Tasted on Mar 31, 2021 by Lisa Perrotti-Brown

Region / Country : Pauillac / Bordeaux / France
Grape Varieties : Cabernet-Sauvignon / 48% Merlot
Alcohol/ABV - 14.5%
Ageing in oak barrels : 60% in new barrels, 40% from barrels of one vintage for 18 months
Volume : 750ml

Les Griffons de Pichon Baron是該莊園的其中一款二級葡萄酒。自2012年起推出,它具有純淨而直接的特色。


Les Griffons提供了一種有力而清新的品鑒體驗,酒體飽滿而乾淨,充滿活力。它可以在酒窖中陳年超過20年,也可以立即享用。

2018年的Pichon Baron莊園的葡萄種植氣候條件一般都很有利。冬季溫度溫和,沒有極端情況。從12月到3月有規律的降雨,總降雨量超過平均水平。春季溫和,接著是炎熱而乾燥的夏季。4月初開始芽醒,5月順利開花。葡萄園在7月底前採取預防措施保護葡萄藤免受病害的影響。從果串閉合到葡萄變色期間,溫度較高,有利於葡萄的成熟。葡萄皮中豐富的花青素和單寧早熟,潛在酒精含量迅速增加,酸度水平較低。整體而言,2018年的葡萄酒潛力很大。


“黑莓、李子、可可和礫石的香氣。中等至飽滿的酒體,細膩的單寧環繞著堅實的調味黑色水果核心。收結緊實、礦物質。非常精緻和平衡。” - James Suckling於2021年3月23日品評

《葡萄酒倡導家》(The Wine Advocate)給予91分
“2018年的Les Griffons de Pichon Baron由52%的赤霞珠和48%的梅洛組成,經過12個月的橡木桶陳年,其中30%是新桶,70%是一年的舊桶。今年的生產量佔收成的20%。深紅寶石色,香氣中散發出純淨的黑醋栗和熟透的黑李子的味道,接著是丁香油、巧克力覆蓋的櫻桃和煙草葉的香氣,還有一絲月桂葉的氣息。口感結實而粗糙,酸度柔和,完美地烘托出口腔黏著的黑色水果,收結帶有香氣。” - Lisa Perrotti-Brown於2021年3月31日品評

容量 : 750ml