Le Prelat De Pape Clement Blanc 克萊蒙教宗堡普雷拉塔白酒 2018
Le Prelat De Pape Clement Blanc 克萊蒙教宗堡普雷拉塔白酒 2018

Le Prelat De Pape Clement Blanc 克萊蒙教宗堡普雷拉塔白酒 2018

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Known to be one of the oldest Bordeaux Grands Crus, the estate’s vineyard was established by Bertrand de Goth, who in 1305 became Pope Clément V, the name which was subsequently given to the Château. The first harvest there took place in 1252, laying the foundations for an outstanding cultural heritage. It was in 1980 that Bernard Magrez acquired the estate. Since then, he has endeavoured to pay his respects to it daily and to glorify this magnificent property which has witnessed part of France’s history.

Located in Pessac, Château Pape Clément belongs to the Pessac-Léognan appellation contrôlée and the wider Graves wine region. Containing exceptional soils, the estate’s superb terroir creates a synergy between passion and work. Each plot, vine and grape is carefully tended according to vine-growing tenets developed over centuries.

Remplissage du pressoir pneumatique manuellement. Pressurage en grains entiers avec une montée en pression lente. Ecoulage des jus en cuves, débourbages et vinifications en cuves inox et en barriques de chêne français. Elevage sur lies fines et batonnages réguliers.

Eye: "A lovely yellow color, with hints of green."
Nose: "The nose is fresh, fruity, balanced, refined, and offers a beautiful minerality. It reveals notes of fresh apple, zesty lemon, and subtly ripe lemon, along with a hint of kumquat and very discreet hints of orange blossom."
Palate: "The palate is fruity, balanced, and has a pleasant richness, a mineral structure, and a certain freshness. This wine expresses notes of ripe lemon, fresh/juicy vine peach."

Region/ Country : Pessac-Léognan (Bordeaux)/ France
Grape Varietal: 71% Sémillon, 16 % Saui Blanc, 12% Sauvignon Gris, 1% Muscadelle

作為波爾多最古老的特級酒莊之一,這座酒莊的葡萄園由Bertrand de Goth建立,他在1305年成為教皇克萊孟五世(Pope Clément V),隨後這個名字被賦予了Château Pape Clément。該酒莊在1252年進行了第一次收穫,奠定了卓越的文化遺產的基礎。1980年,伯納德·馬格雷斯(Bernard Magrez)收購了這座莊園。從那時起,他每天都努力對其表示敬意,並讚美這個見證了法國歷史一部分的壯麗莊園。

位於佩薩克(Pessac)的Château Pape Clément屬於佩薩克-雷奧南(Pessac-Léognan)的控制產區,也屬於格拉夫(Graves)葡萄酒產區的一部分。這個莊園擁有卓越的土壤,其出色的風土創造了激情和工作之間的協同效應。每個地塊、葡萄藤和葡萄都根據幾個世紀以來發展的葡萄種植原則精心栽培。



葡萄品種:71% 仙美隆(Sémillon),16% 長相思(Sauvignon Blanc),12% 灰長相思(Sauvignon Gris),1% 麝香白(Muscadelle)