Latour Martillac Blanc 2013
Latour Martillac Blanc 2013
Latour Martillac Blanc 2013
Latour Martillac Blanc 2013

Latour Martillac Blanc 2013 拉圖瑪蒂雅克酒莊白酒

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Edouard Kressmann, who owned Latour-Martillac in the late 1800’s was a well known Bordeaux wine merchant. Kressmann got his start as a Bordeaux negociant in 1871 when he founded Ed Kressmann & Co. In 1897, they produced their first negocinat wine, Kressman dry Monoploe, which is still sold today. He worked extensively in the vineyards. In fact, the oldest part of the vineyard, this was grafted in 1884, still includes several of the original white grape varieties planted by Kressmann.

The vineyard is divided into two uniform subsectors.
On the Martillac plateau, the hill dominates the property and is made up of a patchwork of gravel. These poor soils and drainage constitute an ideal terrain for the vine and in particular for the red grape varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot.
Moving closer to the Garonne, the soils take on a different profile of clay and limestone, still with a gravel surface. It is here that the Merlot variety grows best and also our white grape varieties of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon.

Region/Country: Pessac Leognan, Bordeaux, France

91 Points by Robert Parker
"The 2013 LaTour-Martillac Blanc has a grassy, lime and gooseberry-scented bouquet, the Sauvignon Blanc in charge and driving the aromatics. The palate is crisp and fresh on the entry with a pleasant saline entry, a touch of bitter lemon and a vibrant, quite sustained finish."

1800 年代擁有 LaTour-Martillac 的 Edouard Kressmann 是著名的波爾多葡萄酒商人,他在 1871 年開始他的事業,並創立了 Ed Kressmann & Co.,於於 1897 年他們生產了他的第一瓶商人葡萄酒 Kressman dry Monoploe,到今天仍然在生產發售。他參加大量在葡萄園內的工作,而葡萄園於 1884 年接,歷史最悠久部分,至今仍有幾款於當時由 Kressmann 種植的幾種白葡萄。

葡萄園分為兩個分區。在Martillac高原上,整個地形充滿著大大小小的山丘,土壤由碎礫石拼湊而成。其土壤和排水是Cabernet Sauvignon和Petit Verdot的理想地形。靠近Garonne河,土壤呈現出粘土和石灰石的不同風貌,但地表仍具有碎礫石。Merlot、還有白葡萄品種的Sauvignon Blanc和Semillon在這裡生長得最好。

品酒筆記:2013年的LaTour-Martillac Blanc具有青草、青檸和燈籠果香氣,Sauvignon Blanc為主帶動著香氣。 入口爽口清新,帶著令人愉悅的鹽味和淡淡的檸檬味。結尾充滿活力並且相當持久。