Kavalan Ex-Bourbon Oak 1000ml
Kavalan Ex-Bourbon Oak 1000ml

Kavalan Ex-Bourbon Oak 1000ml

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Kavalan Distillery has been pioneering the art of single malt whisky in Yilan County, Taiwan since 2005. Kavalan sources the mineral-rich meltwaters of Snow Mountain and is aged in a unique combination of intense heat and humidity together with sea and mountain breezes. All this combines to create the quality, smoothness, and fruity character for which Kavalan is known.

Kavalan takes Yilan County's old name. A land of blessings, it was here that entrepreneur Mr. Tien-Tsai Lee dreamed of a new whisky homeland and a ‘century-old’ distillery to last generations.

Kavalan ex-Bourbon Oak dilutes the Solist ex-Bourbon with Kavalan spring water to 46% alcoholic strength. It is incredibly smooth with a soft sweetness, losing the harshness of the alcohol's edge. It has a clean and fresh tropical fruitiness with lingering vanilla, coconut and spices.

ABV : 46%
Colour:Pale Golden
Flavour:Clean with fresh tropical fruitiness and pleasant vanilla, coconut and spices. Imagine being soothed by that comfortable sea breeze with a calming and refreshing effect. This malt can do that for you after a hectic day at the office
Palate:Soft, well-balanced natural sweetness, vanilla and oak spices, round and complex with silky smoothness
Tasting:Kavalan ex-Bourbon Oak complements seafood or lighter and freshly made dishes




Kavalan Ex-Bourbon Oak以噶瑪蘭山泉水將Solist原裝波旁桶稀釋至46%的酒精濃度。它極為柔順,帶著溫和的甜味,消除了酒精的刺激感。它有著清新的熱帶水果風味,伴隨著香草、椰子和香料的餘韻。

酒精濃度 : 46%