Kanosuke Double Distillery Whisky 700ml
Kanosuke Double Distillery Whisky 700ml
Kanosuke Double Distillery Whisky 700ml
Kanosuke Double Distillery Whisky 700ml

Kanosuke Double Distillery Whisky 700ml

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Kanosuke Distillery is a relatively young Japanese whisky producer, founded in 2015 on the southern tip of Kyushu Island. Situated in the Kagoshima prefecture, the distillery takes inspiration from the region's mild climate and proximity to the East China Sea. Embracing a "mellow land, mellow whisky" philosophy, the distillery's focus on maturation in a variety of oak casks, including sherry and ex-rice shochu, contributes to the unique character of its whiskies. Through limited annual releases, Kanosuke showcases its evolving whisky-making approach, appealing to both domestic and international whisky enthusiasts. 

Kanosuke Double Distillery Whisky, a truly remarkable creation born from the collaboration of two brothers at Kanosuke Distillery. This whisky is a testament to their shared passion and dedication to honoring their grandfather's legacy. Kanosuke Double Distillery Whisky is a unique blend that combines the flavors and characteristics of Kanosuke Hioki pot still whisky and Kanosuke single malt. These two exceptional spirits are aged together at Kanosuke Distillery, allowing them to harmonize and develop a complexity that is truly extraordinary.

During the aging process, Kanosuke Double Distillery Whisky is matured in a variety of casks including American White Oak, Sherry, Bourbon, and Re-charred Ex-Mellowed Kozuru Shochu casks. This careful selection of casks brings forth a rich tapestry of flavors, each contributing its own unique influence to the final blend.

Tasting notes :
Color: Clear Amber Brown
Nose: Vanilla, Mint, Melon, Peach, Apricot, Lemongrass
Taste: Rich, Cinamon, Black tea, Orange, Clove
Finish: Oaky, Rich fruit aroma, Well balances with touch of bitterness

Winery: Kanosuke Distillery
Region: Kagoshima, Kyushu, Japan
Format: 700ml
ABV: 53%


Kanosuke Double Distillery Whisky是由嘉之助蒸餾酒廠兩位兄弟共同創造的令人驚嘆的傑作。這款威士忌體現了他們對祖父遺產的共同熱情和奉獻。Kanosuke Double Distillery Whisky是一種獨特的混合威士忌,結合了嘉之助日置釜蒸餾威士忌和嘉之助單一麥芽威士忌的風味和特徵。這兩種傑出的酒精在嘉之助蒸餾酒廠共同陳釀,使它們相互融合和發展出非凡的複雜性。

在陳釀過程中,Kanosuke Double Distillery Whisky在多種桶中陳釀,包括美國白橡木桶、雪莉酒桶、波本桶和重新燒製的熟化小鶴燒酒桶。這種精心挑選的桶子帶來了豐富多樣的風味,每一種都對最終的混合酒帶來獨特的影響。