Jikon Junmai Daiginjyo 而今 火入純米大吟釀
Jikon Junmai Daiginjyo 而今 火入純米大吟釀

Jikon Junmai Daiginjyo 而今 火入純米大吟釀

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Kiyasho brewery has been in use for two hundred years since its founding and the traditional methods have been still using to brew. Our own yeast is selected to produce Jikon brand lineup because of it is appropriate for low temperature fermentation. The result of sake is refined, somewhat acid taste and fruity aroma. Small quantity of rice are carefully rinsed and then used to produce handmade Koji which is allowed to slowly fermentation. Daiginjo is brewed by “Fukurozuri”, which is one of the most traditional pressing methods of sake. The mash is left in cylindrical bags and hangs on in tanks.

Kiyasho brewery selects Yamadanishiki rice from Iga region and to find high-quality sake rice from all over the country. Each month the products are made from different varieties of rice which are ideal for sake brewing.

This is an ultra-premium limited-edition sake made from high-quality Yamadanishiki rice. It has a captivating aroma of honeydew, peaches, and honey, with a crisp and delicate water scent, complemented by a complex and elegant fruity flavor that blooms in the mouth. The sweet style makes the taste soft and smooth, with a long-lasting aftertaste and a lush, perfect finish.

Polishing ratio: 40%
Alcohol content: 16%
Volume: 720 ml 



而今 火入純米大吟釀是極高級限量版淸酒,採用高級山田錦米釀造。迷人的蜜瓜、桃子和蜜糖吞,洁脆而細膩的水香,配合複難而優雅的鮮果味,布味薰中綻放。甜美的風格,讓口感柔軟順滑,悠長的回味,謱收結更完美。