Hououbiden Akanban Junmai Daiginjyo 小林酒造 鳳凰美田 赤判 純米大吟醸

Hououbiden Akanban Junmai Daiginjyo 小林酒造 鳳凰美田 赤判 純米大吟醸

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Kobayashi Shuzo was founded in 1872, during the fifth year of the Meiji period, and has been a representative sake of the prefecture, improving year by year. Over a decade ago, this small-scale brewery had considered shutting down, but with the enthusiastic efforts of the dedicated manager, Mr. Kobayashi, and the hard work of his beautiful wife, who was a lecturer at the brewery's research and development center, and the guidance of Tohdashuzo, a master brewer from the Seta Ryuzan family, the entire brewery worked together to produce a full quantity of top-quality ginjo sake.

With women as the main consumer group, "Hououbiden" sales have been increasing steadily in recent years, becoming one of the popular brand names. However, due to limited equipment and production capacity, the quantity available is also limited. If demand continues to outpace supply, the Otokoyama sake will become increasingly rare and difficult to obtain in the near future.

Hououbiden Akanban Junmai Daiginjo is a premium Japanese sake made from Yamadanishiki rice, which is polished to a ratio of 40%, removing the outer layers and retaining only the most flavorful part of the rice. The sake is brewed using traditional methods and the brewery's own yeast, resulting in a refined and complex flavor profile with a fruity aroma and a smooth finish.

On the palate, this sake has a balanced taste with a subtle sweetness and a delicate acidity that complements its fruity aroma, which features notes of pear, melon, and citrus. It pairs well with a variety of Japanese cuisine, including sushi, sashimi, and grilled fish.

Polishing Ratio: 40%
ABV: 16%
Capacity: 1.8L (1800ml)