Highland Park The Light 17 Year Old
Highland Park The Light 17 Year Old
Highland Park The Light 17 Year Old

Highland Park The Light 17 Year Old

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Highland Park distillery, located in Kirkwall, Orkney, has been crafting its award-winning whisky since 1798. Situated in a place of natural beauty and rich history, the distillery draws inspiration from the unique environment of Orkney. The combination of age, experience, and tradition results in whiskies that are truly exceptional. Highland Park embraces the wild and untamed character of the island, capturing the essence of Orkney in every bottle. With a dedication to quality and a commitment to time-honored production methods, Highland Park continues to produce whiskies that are renowned for their distinctive flavors and unparalleled craftsmanship.

The dark and light are concepts that exist in opposition, yet together create a perfect balance, and inspired our limited edition releases of the same name. Presented in a majestic serpent-dragon embossed bottle, The Light 17 Year Old was created to celebrate warm summer days in Orkney. (Yes. They do exist.)

Made to honour a time when we emerge from winter hibernation, ready to embrace the fresh air, clear skies and long days of summer, the whisky is light and bright. Its delicious warm-season-friendly palate is the result of 17 years' maturation in refill American oak casks, which have a more gentle influence than first-fill European oak casks. The result is a fine balance of caramelised pear, nutmeg, vanilla, cedarwood and lightly smoked peat… Orcadian Summer in a bottle.

Double Gold - San Francisco World Spirit Competition 2018

Winery : Highland Park
Region : Orkney / Scotland
ABV: 52.9%
Format : 700 ml

Highland Park蒸餾廠,位於奧克尼的基爾科爾(Kirkwall),自1798年以來一直致力於製作屢獲殊榮的威士忌。蒸餾廠坐落在一個自然美景和豐富歷史的地方,從奧克尼獨特的環境中汲取靈感。歲月、經驗和傳統的結合使得這裡的威士忌非常出色。Highland Park蒸餾廠擁抱島上的野性與未馴服的特質,每一瓶威士忌都捕捉到了奧克尼的精髓。秉承著對品質的執著和對傳統生產方法的堅守,Highland Park持續生產著以獨特風味和無與倫比工藝聞名的威士忌。

黑暗和光明是相互對立的概念,但它們在一起創造了完美的平衡,並激發了我們同名的限量版系列。《The Light 17年陳釀》以一個壯麗的蛇龍壓花瓶呈現,旨在慶祝奧克尼溫暖的夏日。(是的,它們確實存在。)


雙金獎 - 2018年舊金山世界烈酒大賽

酒莊:Highland Park
產區:奧克尼 / 蘇格蘭