Henri Giraud PR90-19
Henri Giraud PR90-19
Henri Giraud PR90-19

Henri Giraud PR90-19

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The first release labeled PR (Perpetual Reserve) 90-19 which is very limited and contains 50% of reserve wines in a solera system which dated back to 1990. With only 8,000 bottles to be released to the market, this comes highly recommended.

The art on the bottle is his first metaphysical hint that time is factored into every element of this wine. It’s meant to convey the span of vintages and spatial distances captured in this single cuvée. Oak barrels made from 90+-year-old trees, base wine from two different multi-vintage soleras that tell vintage stories dating back to the 1950s, time to barrel ferment and mature the Grand Cru base wines at the start, and the time to elaborate the finished wine.
Grape Varieties
80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay. 
Tasting Notes
Golden yellow color. The palate it is rich, creamy and full of character, with balanced acidity and a long and expressive finish.

JS 97 points from JS Wine Rating
“The center palate to this is impressive with light salted caramel, toffee, dried apple and peach skin. It opens to reveal aromas and flavors of sea salt, oyster shell and chalk. Medium to full body. Some creme brulee. Creamy texture. Extremely long and complex at the end. 80% pinot noir and 20% chardonnay. Blend of two solera systems of perpetual reserve, started in 1990.” - Tasted on Aug 7, 2023 by James Suckling

Region/Country: France

首次推出的PR(Perpetual Reserve)90-19被標記為非常有限的款式,其中包含了50%的儲存酒,這些酒通過自經系統保存,可以追溯到1990年。這款酒只有8,000瓶釋放到市場上,非常值得推薦。


80%黑皮諾(Pinot Noir)和20%霞多麗(Chardonnay)。


JS 來自JS Wine Rating的97分
“這款酒的中心口感令人印象深刻,帶有輕微的鹽焦糖、太妃糖、乾蘋果和桃子皮的味道。它展開後呈現海鹽、牡蠣殼和粉筆的香氣和味道。中等至飽滿的酒體。一些焦糖布丁味道。質地豐潤。收尾極長且複雜。80%黑皮諾和20%霞多麗的混釀。由始於1990年的兩個自經系統的永久儲藏品混釀而成。”- James Suckling於2023年8月7日評鑑

Region/Country: France