Henri Giraud Hommage au Pinot Noir NV 亨利‧吉羅致敬黑皮諾 NV
Henri Giraud Hommage au Pinot Noir NV 亨利‧吉羅致敬黑皮諾 NV
Henri Giraud Hommage au Pinot Noir NV 亨利‧吉羅致敬黑皮諾 NV
Henri Giraud Hommage au Pinot Noir NV 亨利‧吉羅致敬黑皮諾 NV
Henri Giraud Hommage au Pinot Noir NV 亨利‧吉羅致敬黑皮諾 NV

Henri Giraud Hommage au Pinot Noir NV 亨利‧吉羅致敬黑皮諾 NV

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Champagne Henri Giraud stands as the oldest Champagne house still under the ownership of its founding family, the Giraud-Hemart family. With a legacy of vine farming in Ayis, they have become a distinguished wine producer celebrated for crafting exceptional Champagnes. Henri Giraud embodies excellence through meticulous vineyard management, traditional winemaking techniques, and an unwavering commitment to producing wines that elegantly capture the essence of their terroir with finesse and sophistication.

Winemaking Process: A Champagne originating exclusively from the Ay Grand Cru, matured in tanks for 6 months and then in oak barrels another 6 months.

Tasting notes: The wine is very fine and lingering bubble cord to the opening. The colour is light amber tones. The taste is pear and yellow fruit, dried apricot with a finish on orange zest with a fine chocolate touch.

"The NV Hommage au Pinot Noir is a new wine in this range. Like all the Giraud Champagnes, the Hommage is vinified entirely in oak. The current release is based on 2015, with about 40% reserve wines. Rich and creamy in the glass, but also quite delicate, the Hommage can be enjoyed now or cellared. It captures the radiance and generosity of Aÿ nicely, but in a softer, more approachable style than the flagship wines. I didn't see any of the awkward notes that lurk in so many 2015-based NV Champagnes. " 95/100 Points ,Vinous ( August 2020)

"The NV Hommage au Pinot Noir is another fabulous wine in this range from Giraud. Rich, ample and creamy, the Hommage is so expressive today. The Hommage is 100% Pinot Noir done in an unusual style that sees eleven months in oak followed by six months in tank, an approach that is much more common for white Burgundy. In fact, I have never seen this élevage in Champagne. No matter, though, it all works. Red plum, kirsch, mint, chamomile and spice all meld together effortlessly. The Hommage is rich and generous, but is also light on its feet. This release is based on 2016, with 40% reserve wines." 93/100 Points, Vinous ( March 2021)

Aged in oak: 12 months
Grape Varieties: 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay.
亨利·吉羅香檳 (Champagne Henri Giraud) 是最古老的香檳酒莊,至今仍由其創始家族吉羅-赫馬特 (Giraud-Hemart) 家族擁有。 憑藉阿伊斯的葡萄種植傳統,他們已成為傑出的葡萄酒生產商,以釀造優質香檳而聞名。 亨利·吉羅 (Henri Giraud) 透過細緻的葡萄園管理、傳統的釀酒技術以及堅定不移地致力於生產以精緻和精緻的方式優雅地捕捉風土精髓的葡萄酒,體現了卓越品質。

釀酒工藝: 一款僅產自 Ay Grand Cru 的香檳,在罐中陳釀 6 個月,然後在橡木桶中陳釀 6 個月。

品酒筆記:這款酒非常細膩,入口處有持久的氣泡線。 顏色是淺琥珀色。 味道是梨子和黃色水果、杏桃乾的味道,餘韻是橙皮和精緻的巧克力味。

「NV Hommage au Pinot Noir 是該系列中的一款新酒。與所有Giraud 香檳一樣,Hommage 完全在橡木桶中釀造。目前版本以2015 年為基礎,其中約40% 是儲備酒。杯中口感濃鬱,奶油味十足。 ,但也相當精緻,Hommage 可以立即享用或窖藏。它很好地捕捉了 Aÿ 的光芒和慷慨,但風格比旗艦葡萄酒更柔和、更平易近人。我沒有看到任何潛伏的尷尬音符在眾多2015 年NV 香檳中。」95/100 分,Vinous(2020 年8 月)

「NV Hommage au Pinot Noir 是Giraud 該系列中的另一款美妙葡萄酒。濃鬱、豐富、奶油般的口感,這款Hommage 至今仍極具表現力。這款Hommage 是100% 黑皮諾,採用不尋常的風格釀製,在橡木桶中陳釀11 個月,然後在罐中放置六個月,這種方法對於勃根地白酒來說更為常見。事實上,我從未在香檳中見過這種提升。無論如何,這一切都有效。紅李子、櫻桃酒、薄荷、洋甘菊和香料都融合在一起毫不費力。Hommage 豐富而慷慨,但也很輕盈。此版本以2016 年為基礎,含有40 % 的儲備酒。」 93/100 分,Vinous(2021 年 3 月)

葡萄品種:70% 黑皮諾和 30% 夏多內。