Henri Giraud Esprit Nature NV 亨利·吉羅 Esprit Nature NV
Henri Giraud Esprit Nature NV 亨利·吉羅 Esprit Nature NV
Henri Giraud Esprit Nature NV 亨利·吉羅 Esprit Nature NV
Henri Giraud Esprit Nature NV 亨利·吉羅 Esprit Nature NV

Henri Giraud Esprit Nature NV 亨利·吉羅 Esprit Nature NV

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Champagne Henri Giraud stands as the oldest Champagne house still under the ownership of its founding family, the Giraud-Hemart family. With a legacy of vine farming in Ayis, they have become a distinguished wine producer celebrated for crafting exceptional Champagnes. Henri Giraud embodies excellence through meticulous vineyard management, traditional winemaking techniques, and an unwavering commitment to producing wines that elegantly capture the essence of their terroir with finesse and sophistication.

Winemaking Process: The wine is then made with 50% wines of the year and 50% perpetual reserve wines. The wines are aged for a minimum of 2 years on lees in French oak barrels.

Tasting notes: The dress is shiny gold. On the palate and on the nose: a very nice dominant hint of red berries such as raspberries or wild strawberries, harmoniously mixed with hints of citrus fruits such as lemon from Menton, clementine from Corsica or lychee.

"Based on the 2017 vintage (complemented with some 50% from the house's perpetual reserve) and disgorged in January 2020, the latest rendition of the NV Brut Esprit Nature is showing very well, mingling aromas of yellow orchard fruit and peach with nuances of toasted bread, candied peel, white flowers, clear honey and fresh almonds. Medium to full-bodied, fleshy and enveloping, it's elegantly vinous, with lively acids and a long, delicately oak-inflected finish. Fermented in barrels, some 20% of the blend derives from domaine holdings."

"The latest release of Giraud's NV Brut Esprit Nature opens in the glass with a lovely bouquet of citrus oil, mandarin, crisp yellow pears, pastry cream and blanched almonds. On the palate, the wine is full-bodied, broad and vinous, with racy acids, fine concentration and a compelling sense of integration and harmony. This is a charming, elegant bottling that's very hard to resist. It comes warmly recommended." 92 Points, Wine Advocate (August 2019)

Grape Varieties: 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay
Vine Age: at least 2 years
Saving Temperature: 14 to 16 ° C ( bottle lying down, away from light and vibration, with an optimum humidity of 70%.)
Region/Country: France


亨利·吉羅香檳 (Champagne Henri Giraud) 是最古老的香檳酒莊,至今仍由其創始家族吉羅-赫馬特 (Giraud-Hemart) 家族擁有。 憑藉阿伊斯的葡萄種植傳統,他們已成為傑出的葡萄酒生產商,以釀造優質香檳而聞名。 亨利·吉羅 (Henri Giraud) 透過細緻的葡萄園管理、傳統的釀酒技術以及堅定不移地致力於生產以精緻和精緻的方式優雅地捕捉風土精髓的葡萄酒,體現了卓越品質。

釀酒工藝:以50%的年份酒和50%的永久儲備酒釀酒。 這些葡萄酒在法國橡木桶中的酒糟中陳釀至少 2 年。

品嚐筆記:這件衣服是閃亮的金色。 口感與鼻子上:帶有覆盆子或野草莓等紅色漿果的濃郁香氣,與芒通檸檬、科西嘉小柑橘或荔枝等柑橘類水果的香氣和諧地混合在一起。

「以2017 年年份酒為基礎(補充了約50% 的酒莊永久儲備)並於2020 年1 月吐出,最新版本的NV Brut Esprit Nature 表現非常出色,將黃色果園水果和桃子的香氣與烘烤的細微差別混合在一起麵包、蜜餞果皮、白花、清澈的蜂蜜和新鮮杏仁。酒體中等至濃鬱,肉質濃鬱,口感濃鬱,酒味優雅,酸度活潑,餘味悠長,帶有微妙的橡木味。在木桶中發酵,約20%混合源自域名控股。」92 /100分,葡萄酒倡導者(2019 年 8 月)

「最新發布的吉羅NV Brut Esprit Nature 在玻璃杯中散發出可愛的柑橘油、柑橘、脆黃梨、糕點奶油和漂白杏仁的香氣。在口感上,這款酒酒體飽滿、寬廣、酒香濃鬱,活潑酸、細膩的濃度以及令人信服的融合與和諧感。這是一款迷人、優雅的裝瓶,令人難以抗拒。強烈推薦。」 92 /100分,葡萄酒倡導者(2019 年 8 月)

葡萄品種:80% 黑皮諾和 20% 夏多內
地區/國家: 法國