Henri Giraud Dame Jane Rose NV 亨利‧吉羅 女爵士珍‧羅斯 NV
Henri Giraud Dame Jane Rose NV 亨利‧吉羅 女爵士珍‧羅斯 NV
Henri Giraud Dame Jane Rose NV 亨利‧吉羅 女爵士珍‧羅斯 NV
Henri Giraud Dame Jane Rose NV 亨利‧吉羅 女爵士珍‧羅斯 NV

Henri Giraud Dame Jane Rose NV 亨利‧吉羅 女爵士珍‧羅斯 NV

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Champagne Henri Giraud stands as the oldest Champagne house still under the ownership of its founding family, the Giraud-Hemart family. With a legacy of vine farming in Ayis, they have become a distinguished wine producer celebrated for crafting exceptional Champagnes. Henri Giraud embodies excellence through meticulous vineyard management, traditional winemaking techniques, and an unwavering commitment to producing wines that elegantly capture the essence of their terroir with finesse and sophistication.

Winemaking Process:The NV Dame-Jane Rosé Brut is replacing the Esprit Rosé. Its base wine is the Hommage, blended with 6% red Aÿ Grand Cru Pinot Noir from 70-year-old vines. The red wine is fermented and aged in Dame-Jane (amphora/demi-john).

Tasting notes: The wine has a beautiful color that oscillates between salmon pink and onion skins. The bouquet is very fine and vinous, displaying delicate fruit along with floral and fascinating herbal aromas (oregano, basil). Very elegant and perfectly round on the palate, this is a highly delicate and quite truly vinous Rosé with a long, well-structured, pure and slightly salty finish. The fruit and mousse are remarkably fine, and it's really hard to resist the charm of this exciting Rosé, which was disgorged after two years on the lees in March 2017. Tasted in April 2018, which is obviously the perfect moment for this blend of 70% Pinot Noir with 30% Chardonnay. It really stunning how much the wine gains (finesse and roundness) with the addition of Pinot Noir.

The NV Rosé Rose Dame-Jane is light and airy in the glass. Crushed flowers, sweet crushed berries, white pepper and mint are all beautifully lifted. Translucent and gracious, the Dame-Jane is quite a departure for a house that was previously known for rich, opulent Champagnes. The Dame-Jane is done with an 'Oeil de Perdrix' base in which Pinot is given a short time on the skins for added color and structure. Right before bottling, touches of Chardonnay and still Pinot are added to fine-tune the blend. The Dame-Jane is aged entirely in sandstone terracotta, an approach that works beautifully. This release is based on 2017, with 40% reserve wines. 93/100 Points, Vinous (March 2021)

"The MV 07 Brut Fût de Chêne (Collection) is rich, sumptuous and super-expressive. Candied apricot, orange marmalade, butter, sweet oak, mint, wild flowers and honey are all infused in this sumptuous, racy Champagne. Exotic and tropical in feel, Giraud’s MV is endowed with real class and plenty of trademark Aÿ radiance. Today, the 2007 is at a real peak of expression. The blend is 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay. Disgorged: July 8, 2017." 92/100 Points, Vinous (July 2019)

"Disgorged in November 2017, the finest Champagne that I have ever tasted from Giraud is the NV Brut Grand Cru Aÿ Fût de Chêne MV13, a blend of 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay that's based on the 2013 vintage, supplemented by fully 40% older wine from a perpetual reserve. Wafting from the glass with a rich bouquet of buttered yellow orchard fruits, brioche, dried white flowers, peach, orange rind and smoke, complemented by some delicate oxidative top notes, it's full-bodied, broad and vinous, with an enveloping attack, a deep and layered core, lively acids and a long, sapid finish. While the vins clairs spent a year in oak, the wood influence is much more discrete than has sometimes been the case with Giraud's wines, contributing texture and a gentle aromatic patina but remaining in a supporting role. Powerful but precise, this is a terrific effort that comes warmly recommended." 92/100 Points, Wine Advocate

Production: 20.000 bottles made.


亨利·吉羅香檳 (Champagne Henri Giraud) 是最古老的香檳酒莊,至今仍由其創始家族吉羅-赫馬特 (Giraud-Hemart) 家族擁有。 憑藉阿伊斯的葡萄種植傳統,他們已成為傑出的葡萄酒生產商,以釀造優質香檳而聞名。 亨利·吉羅 (Henri Giraud) 透過細緻的葡萄園管理、傳統的釀酒技術以及堅定不移地致力於生產以精緻和精緻的方式優雅地捕捉風土精髓的葡萄酒,體現了卓越品質。

釀酒工藝:NV Dame-Jane Rosé Brut 正在取代 Esprit Rosé。 它的基酒是 Hommage,與來自 70 年樹齡葡萄藤的 6% 紅 Aÿ Grand Cru 黑皮諾混合而成。 紅酒在 Dame-Jane (amphora/demi-john) 中發酵和陳年。

品嚐筆記:這款酒的顏色美麗,在鮭魚粉紅色和洋蔥皮色之間搖擺。 酒香非常細膩,帶有精緻的果味以及花香和迷人的草本香氣(牛至、羅勒)。 口感非常優雅、完美圓潤,是一款非常精緻、真正的葡萄酒味的桃紅葡萄酒,餘味悠長、結構良好、純淨而略帶鹹味。 果香和慕斯非常細膩,很難抗拒這款令人興奮的桃紅葡萄酒的魅力,這款桃紅葡萄酒於2017 年3 月經過兩年酒糟後被吐出。2018 年4 月品嚐,這顯然是這款70 種混合葡萄酒的完美時刻。% 黑皮諾和 30% 霞多麗。 在添加黑皮諾後,葡萄酒的增益(細膩度和圓潤度)確實令人驚嘆。

NV Rosé Rose Dame-Jane 裝在玻璃杯中,口感輕盈、通風。 碎花、甜碎漿果、白胡椒和薄荷的味道都被美妙地提升了。 Dame-Jane 半透明且親切,與之前以濃鬱香檳而聞名的酒莊截然不同。 Dame-Jane 以「Oeil de Perdrix」為基底,其中黑皮諾在果皮上停留了很短的時間,以增加顏色和結構。 在裝瓶之前,加入夏多內和靜止的皮諾來微調混合物。 Dame-Jane 完全採用砂岩赤土老化,這種方法效果非常好。 此次發表的酒款以2017年為基礎,其中儲備酒佔40%。 93/100 分,葡萄酒(2021 年 3 月)

「MV 07 Brut Fût de Chêne(系列)濃鬱、華麗且極富表現力。這款奢華、活潑的香檳中融入了蜜餞杏子、橙子果醬、黃油、甜橡木、薄荷、野花和蜂蜜。異國情調和熱帶風情在感覺上,Giraud 的MV 被賦予了真正的品味和充足的Aÿ 標誌性光芒。今天,2007 年正處於表達的真正頂峰。混合了70% 黑比諾和30% 霞多麗。吐出日期: 2017 年7 月8 日。 92/100 分,Vinous(2019 年 7 月)

「2017 年11 月,我品嚐過的最好的Giraud 香檳是NV Brut Grand Cru Aÿ Fût de Chêne MV13,由70% 黑皮諾和30% 霞多麗混合而成,以2013 年年份為基礎,輔以40 % 來自永久珍藏的陳年葡萄酒。從酒杯中飄出濃鬱的黃油黃色果園水果、奶油蛋捲、乾白花、桃子、橙皮和煙熏的香氣,輔以一些精緻的氧化前調,酒體飽滿、寬廣、濃鬱。酒香濃鬱,入口濃鬱,核心深邃而層次分明,酸度活潑,餘味悠長而有味道。雖然克萊爾葡萄酒在橡木桶中陳釀了一年,但與吉羅葡萄酒有時相比,木頭的影響要離散得多,有助於質地和柔和的芳香古銅色,但仍處於配角。強大而精確,這是一項值得熱烈推薦的出色努力。” 92/100 分,葡萄酒倡導者

產量:生產 20,000 瓶。