Hennessy XO 2024 Limited Edition 軒尼詩 XO 2024 龍年春節限量版
Hennessy XO 2024 Limited Edition 軒尼詩 XO 2024 龍年春節限量版
Hennessy XO 2024 Limited Edition 軒尼詩 XO 2024 龍年春節限量版

Hennessy XO 2024 Limited Edition 軒尼詩 XO 2024 龍年春節限量版

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Hennessy has invited artist YANG YONGLIANG to design Hennessy X.O 2024 Chinese New year limition. YANG YONGLIANG to portray the dragon's surging power and the continuity of its glorious legacy through a digital lens to celebrate the dragon of the 2024 Chinese Lunar New Year. The golden bottle with the interior printed with a collective of dragons dancing in and out of golden waves has given Hennessy X.O a nice touch and brought it to the pinnacle of gifting

Hennessy X.O, created by Maurice Hennessy in 1870 for his close circle of friends, introduced a groundbreaking style of cognac. It stands as the original expression and iconic symbol of the Hennessy Maison.

Renowned for its deep and powerful character, Hennessy X.O's eaux-de-vie undergo aging in young barrels, showcasing their remarkable power and energy. As time passes, they acquire a magnificent roundness, further enhancing their complexity and allure.

Tasting note: Hennessy X.O is a captivating tasting experience. It begins with a warm, honeyed flavor, followed by a gradually intensifying and enchanting sensation, revealing the complexity of aged eaux-de-vie. Spicy aromas blend with notes of oak, showcasing mature fruit flavors. The taste is rich and full-bodied, with pronounced pepper and aged notes that are perfectly balanced and enduringly delicate.

軒尼詩邀請藝術家楊永亮設計軒尼詩X.O 2024年新年限量款。 楊永亮將透過數位鏡頭描繪龍的澎湃力量和輝煌遺產的延續,慶祝2024年中國農曆新年。 金色瓶身,內裡印有群龍在金色波浪中翩翩起舞,給軒尼詩X.O帶來了不凡的觸感,將其推向了送禮的巔峰。

軒尼詩 X.O 由莫里斯·軒尼詩 (Maurice Hennessy) 於 1870 年為其親密朋友創建,開創了乾邑白蘭地的開創性風格。 它是軒尼詩酒莊的原創表達和標誌性象徵。

軒尼詩 X.O 的生命之水以其深沉而有力的特性而聞名,在年輕的橡木桶中陳釀,展現出其非凡的力量和能量。 隨著時間的推移,它們變得更加圓潤,進一步增強了它們的複雜性和吸引力。

品嚐筆記:軒尼詩 X.O 是令人著迷的品嚐體驗。 它以溫暖的蜜餞味道開始,隨後是逐漸升溫的迷人感覺,揭示出複雜的陳年生命之水。辛辣香味加上橡樹木香氣息成熟果香味道香醇濃郁強烈的胡椒及陳香味道發揮得淋漓盡致恆久細緻

容量 (VOL):700ml
酒精濃度 (ABV):40%
產地 (Region): France 法國
酒廠 (Distillery / Brand): Hennessy