Hennessy VSOP 70cl (gift box) 軒尼詩 VSOP (禮盒裝)
Hennessy VSOP 70cl (gift box) 軒尼詩 VSOP (禮盒裝)

Hennessy VSOP 70cl (gift box) 軒尼詩 VSOP (禮盒裝)

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The distinctiveness of Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège lies in its adaptability, versatility and harmony; as a grape-based spirit, besides being perfect on its own or on the rocks, it blends beautifully with various kinds of fresh fruits, as well as spices, fruit juices and sodas without ever losing its character and taste.

This Cognac exemplifies Hennessy's exquisite craftsmanship in the selection of eaux-de-vie, aging, and blending - the very essence of the craft. Hennessy V.S.O.P carries on the legacy of the master blenders, maintaining unwavering quality for over 200 years, ensuring the harmonious essence of Cognac endures.

The wine exhibits a beautiful peachy hue, reminiscent of delicate apricot blossoms. Its aroma releases a rich fragrance, evoking the delightful scent of fresh fruits. The smooth texture enhances the harmonious flavor profile of this Cognac.

Tasting note: Hennessy V.S.O.P reveals a full-bodied character with notes of fruit, vanilla, spices, and a subtle hint of tobacco. These flavors are complemented by the richness of the carefully selected eaux-de-vie, adding depth and intensity to the overall experience.

軒尼詩V.S.O.P的出眾之處,在於其靈活 的飲用方法。由於干邑本身以葡萄釀製, 因此各種新鮮水果、香料、果汁及梳打水 都是它的最佳配搭,混合調配後亦無損干 邑本身的個性及味道。

這款干邑從生命之水的選擇、陳釀和混調上皆盡顯了軒尼詩的精湛工藝。軒尼詩V.S.O.P傳承了軒尼詩首席釀酒大師的技藝,在過去200多年來品質如一,延續干邑和諧的品質。呈現出美麗的桃色,讓人想起精緻的杏花。 其香氣散發出濃鬱的香氣,令人聯想到新鮮水果的怡人香氣。 光滑的質地增強了這款干邑的和諧風味。

品酒筆記:軒尼詩 V.S.O.P 展現出濃鬱的特性,帶有水果、香草、香料和淡淡的煙草味。 這些口味與精心挑選的豐富生命之水相得益彰,為整體體驗增添了深度和強度。