HEAVENSAKE Junmai Daiginjo (Orange cap) NV

HEAVENSAKE Junmai Daiginjo (Orange cap) NV

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Introducing Regis Camus’ latest collaboration with Urakasumi brewery to create a smooth, pure and elegant Sake. Marked by a vibrant orange cap and bottled in HEAVENSAKE’s signature black glass bottle this multi-layered blend is made with two yeasts proprietary to Urakasumi including the famous “Kyokai 12”. The rices are a secret blend of Yamada Nishiki rice and a local variety from the Miyagi.


Nose:Silky Texture, Slightly Rich & Dry, Complex Umami

Flavor:Pineapple, Lychee, Green Apple, Melon, Blossom, White Lily, and Hints of Dried Fruit