Haut Gravelier Bordeaux Blanc/ Rose 2021

Haut Gravelier Bordeaux Blanc/ Rose 2021

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Haut Gravelier Bordeaux Blanc 2021 is a white wine produced in the Bordeaux region of France. It is made from a blend of grape varieties, which may vary depending on the winemaker's preferences and the specific vintage, but it typically includes grapes such as Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon, and Muscadelle.

Haut Gravelier Bordeaux Blanc 2021 is pale yellow in color with greenish reflections, indicating its youthfulness. On the nose, it offers aromas of citrus fruits such as lemon, grapefruit, and lime, as well as some floral and herbal notes that add complexity to the wine.

On the palate, this wine is typically dry and light-bodied, with a refreshing acidity that gives it a crisp and lively character. The flavors are similar to the aromas, with citrus fruits dominating, along with some green apple and pear notes. There may also be a hint of minerality that adds depth to the wine. The finish is typically medium in length, with a pleasant acidity that leaves a crisp and refreshing aftertaste.

Haut Gravelier Bordeaux Blanc 2021 is a well-balanced and easy-to-drink white wine that is perfect for summer or as an aperitif. It pairs well with a variety of lighter dishes, including seafood, salads, and grilled vegetables.

Winery: Château Haut Gravelier
Region: France / Bordeaux

2021年的Haut Gravelier Bordeaux Blanc是一款白葡萄酒,產自法國波爾多地區。它由不同的葡萄品種混釀而成,具體品種可能因釀酒師的喜好和特定年份而有所不同,但通常包括Sauvignon Blanc、Sémillon和Muscadelle等品種。

Haut Gravelier Bordeaux Blanc 2021是淡黃色的,帶有綠色的反射,顯示出它的年輕。在氣味方面,它散發出柑橘類水果的香氣,如檸檬、西柚和青檸,以及一些花香和草本味道,增加了葡萄酒的複雜度。


Haut Gravelier Bordeaux Blanc 2021是一款平衡良好、易於飲用的白葡萄酒,非常適合夏天或作爲開胃酒。它與各種較輕的菜肴搭配得很好,包括海鮮、沙拉和烤蔬菜等。

酒莊:Château Haut Gravelier