Glenrothes 18 years Scotish Whisky
Glenrothes 18 years Scotish Whisky
Glenrothes 18 years Scotish Whisky
Glenrothes 18 years Scotish Whisky

Glenrothes 18 years Scotish Whisky

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The Glenrothes Distillery has a rich history dating back over 140 years to its founding in 1879 in the heart of Scotland's renowned Speyside region. From the outset, this acclaimed single malt producer has been committed to meticulous, artisanal methods, utilizing its own exclusive soft spring water and carefully selected sherry casks during the slow distillation and maturation process. The result is a rare, naturally-colored whisky of exceptional complexity and refinement, with layered sherry and fruit notes that have made The Glenrothes highly prized by connoisseurs worldwide. Over more than a century, the distillery has established a distinguished legacy as one of Scotland's most respected and prestigious single malt producers, renowned for its unwavering dedication to tradition, quality, and limited annual releases that have solidified its iconic status within the Speyside whisky scene.

The Glenrothes 18 Year Old is a rare Speyside single malt that embodies the distillery's unwavering commitment to exceptional quality and artisanal tradition. Crafted with exclusive soft spring water and carefully selected sherry casks, this naturally-colored whisky undergoes an 18-year maturation, developing a remarkably smooth and complex profile of dried fruit, toffee, and subtle spice. Limited in production, the 18 Year Old stands as a hallmark of The Glenrothes' dedication to whisky making excellence, offering connoisseurs a refined and layered journey through Speyside's finest.

After 18 years of patient pursuit, 18 years of absorbing and evolving, our crisp and fruity spirit is enriched.  The unexpected begins to emerge.  What had been simple, becomes more subtle.  Deeper dimensions unfurl and linger.  A richly rounded flavour blooms.

Aroma : Ripe pear, vanilla, orange, almonds, and ginger spice create complexity.
Taste : Deep, sweet flavors of ginger, pear, rose, oak, and creamy vanilla.
Finsih : Divine sweetness balanced with spice and a gently peppery undertone.

Winery : The Glenrothes Distillery
Region : Rothes, Scotland
Format : 700ml
Alcohol : 43%





香氣: 成熟梨子、香草、橙子、杏仁和薑香交織,展現出複雜的層次。風味: 深醇甘甜的薑、梨子、玫瑰、橡木和奶油香草味道。收尾: 神聖的甜味與香辛料及溫和胡椒底韻完美平衡。

酒莊: 格蘭路思酒廠
產區: 蘇格蘭羅斯
容量: 700ml
酒精度: 43%