Girolate blanc 侏羅紀酒莊白葡萄酒 2015
Girolate blanc 侏羅紀酒莊白葡萄酒 2015
Girolate blanc 侏羅紀酒莊白葡萄酒 2015

Girolate blanc 侏羅紀酒莊白葡萄酒 2015

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GIROLATE, or as they say in Gascon, “the land of the potter” is the name of the place where the first parcel of vines used to make this wine was planted. The soil is composed of a layer of clay, lying on top of a quarry, which in the 18th century fulfilled the need for limestone of the companies charged with building the city of Bordeaux.

The parcel is dedicated exclusively to growing Merlot grapes, with the vines planted at a very high density (10,000 per hectare), the same used for the fine wines of Burgundy and the Médoc: a first for the Right Bank of Bordeaux.

Region/ Country:  Bordeaux, France

88-90 Points from The Wine Advocate, Robert Parker:
"The 2015 Girolate Blanc has a taut, chalky, malic bouquet that will clearly need time in bottle. The palate is nicely balanced with lime, green apple and peppery notes, the acidity quite noticeable, but with fine tension on the finish. This will offer several years drinking pleasure." - Reviewed by Neal Martin

GIROLATE , 在Gascon語(加斯貢語,一種法國的方言)中代表“the land of the potter”陶器之地,這代表了黏質土壤的特性,而底下則是石灰岩。酒莊位於Entre-Deux-Mers(波爾多兩海之間產區),故名思意,產區是位於Dordogne(多爾多涅河)和 Garonne(加隆河)之間(雖然是2條河之間,但浪漫的法國人將其改名為兩海之間),是白葡萄酒重要的產區。

此酒款來自Despagne 家族旗下的Chateau Girolate (侏羅紀酒莊),Despagne 家族在波爾多共經營6間酒莊,其中大家最認識的可能係Chateau Mont Perat (蒙佩奇酒莊),因日本神作漫畫<神之水滴>而名氣大增,當然酒質也是無庸置疑的。早在1890年,Despagne家族就開始釀造葡萄酒,至今已有過百年造藝。1970年,Jean-Louis Despagne 開始接手管理家族酒莊及葡萄園。後來Jean-Louis Despagne 和他的妻子逐漸擴大葡萄園面積並致力於出品品質卓越葡萄酒。2003年,Jean-Louis Despagne 退休由 Thibault、Gabriel和 Basaline接手管理酒莊。Chateau Girolate 是 Despagne家族中最年輕的酒莊,2001年才釀造第一年份,但第一個年份已獲得相當高評價💯,曾在2006年的歐洲酒評團 (Grand Jury Europeen) 盲品會中,Chateau Girolate葡萄酒得到第八位,排在很多波爾多名莊之前。