Fei Tswei Syrah Reserva 2017 長和翡翠酒莊 珍藏西拉乾紅葡萄酒 2017
Fei Tswei Syrah Reserva 2017 長和翡翠酒莊 珍藏西拉乾紅葡萄酒 2017
Fei Tswei Syrah Reserva 2017 長和翡翠酒莊 珍藏西拉乾紅葡萄酒 2017
Fei Tswei Syrah Reserva 2017 長和翡翠酒莊 珍藏西拉乾紅葡萄酒 2017

Fei Tswei Syrah Reserva 2017 長和翡翠酒莊 珍藏西拉乾紅葡萄酒 2017

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Nestled in the heart of Helan Mountain's golden production zone, Fei Tswei is dedicated to preserving premium Chardonnay grapes and implements meticulous winemaking methods. For various plots, they insist on organic planting and vineyard upkeep. A key phase in the wine-making process is the gentle pressing of the grapes to extract the juice without imparting excessive tannin or bitterness. Low-temperature fermentation can help retain the subtle flavors and aromas of the Chardonnay grapes, producing a fine wine with a crisp, lively character.

Winemaking Process: This wine is aged in French oak barrel for 12 months, then transfer to bottle ageing for 12 months. The high-quality grapes are in good condition under the care of the winemakers. The grapes are handpicked, manual selected and crushed before fermentation in order to produce a quality wine.

Tasting notes: This is a full body red wine with aromatic notes of black plum, black cherry and blackcurrant, these kinds of ripened fruit characters are well integrated with some spice elements of dark chocolate, smoke and pepper spice. It is powerful but also with smooth tannin and balanced acidity. Long finish rewards you with vanilla, coffee bean flavours from the French oak ageing.

2020 Berliner Wein Trophy – Gold Medal
2019 Decanter Asis Wine Awards – Silver (90 points)
2019 China Wine Summit – Most Cost-Effective Chinese
Wine & Top 10 Chinese Wine
“Very vibrant red cherries and even some raspberries with
a spicy white-pepper accent. A little floral, too. Tense and fresh palate, crafted on a silky tannin framework. A medium-bodied syrah with excellent drinkability.” 90 Points, James Suckling (2020)

Region/Country: Helan Mountain, Ningxia, China
Grape Varieties: 100% Syrah
Alcohol: 13.0% vol
Annual Production: 8,000 bottles/ year


翡翠酒莊坐落於賀蘭山黃金產區的中心地帶,致力於保存優質夏多內葡萄,並採用細緻的釀酒方法。 對於不同的地塊,他們堅持有機種植和葡萄園維護。 釀酒過程的關鍵階段是輕輕壓榨葡萄以提取果汁,而不會產生過多的單寧或苦味。 低溫發酵有助於保留夏多內葡萄的微妙風味和香氣,釀造出出口感清爽、活潑的優質葡萄酒。

釀造工藝: 優質的西拉葡萄在栽培師的精心呵護下,呈現出良好的狀態,在 達到最佳理化指標,手工採摘,人工粒選,慣性除梗,彈性破碎, 溫和發酵,精準控溫並在法國進口 橡木桶中進行陳釀 12 個月, 甁儲 12 個月。

品酒評價: 這是一款風味濃鬱, 酒體飽滿的紅酒。熟稔的黑色果實氣息, 如: 黑李子, 黑加侖子與如巧克力, 煙薰及黑胡椒等香料元素完美 融合, 加上獨特賀蘭山環境因素日照多及泥土礦物元素充足等, 形成此複雜濃鬱的酒款, 更體現了寧夏賀蘭山東麓的典型特色。 同時此酒單寧細膩, 餘韻悠長, 以來自法國橡木桶的香草, 咖 啡豆香味作結。

2020 柏林葡萄酒盃 – 金獎
2019 Decanter Asis 葡萄酒大獎 – 銀牌(90 分)
帶有辛辣的白胡椒味。 還有一點花香。 口感緊張清新,以柔滑的單寧框架為基礎。 中等酒體的西拉,適飲性極佳。 」 90 分,詹姆斯·薩克林 (2020)

酒精度: 13.0% vol
年產量: 8,000瓶/年