Faustino Gran Faustino l 2004

Faustino Gran Faustino l 2004

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Bodegas Faustino is a renowned winery in Spain's Rioja region, founded in 1861. Specializing in Tempranillo-based red wines, it offers a range from youthful Crianza to mature Reserva and Gran Reserva. The winery's iconic label features its founder, Don Faustino Martinez. With over 150 years of history, Bodegas Faustino is recognized for its commitment to quality and has become a symbol of excellence in Rioja winemaking.

Clean, bright. Ruby colour developing to maroon. On the nose is complex and elegant, wide fruity and spicy notes. On the mouth, elegant, with pleasant hints due to the barrel ageing. Long and silky finish.

It matches with any kind of meat and mushrooms rice. Some tasty or oily fish such as tuna or cod. Medium-aged cheese such as emmental or gruyere.

Ratings :
JS 95 points from JS Wine Ratings

"An extremely well-aged and understated Rioja, showing discreet complexity with plums, oranges, leather, dusty red berries and minerals. Juicy and bright on the palate with a zesty nature to the berry and orange citrus. Silky, taut tannins and a long yet elegant finish. Lots of finesse here, with almost pinot etherealness. Tempranillo, graciano and mazuelo from selected plots. 36 months aging, with American oak in use, too." - Tasted on November 20, 2022 by James Suckling

RP 90 points from The Wine Advocate
"One of the most recognizable bottles of Rioja is the 2004 Faustino I Gran Reserva, mostly Tempranillo with 9% Graciano 9% and 5% Mazuelo (Cariñena), aged for 26 months in oak barrels. The nose is as classical as it gets, with tertiary aromas of bonfire, paprika, cured meat, leather and spices, highly recognizable as Rioja, clean and balanced, a big improvement over the 2001 I tasted last time. The palate is medium-bodied and polished with a fine texture, good acidity and persistence. This is subtle, with well-integrated oak. It is a textbook Rioja Gran Reserva. Half a million bottles of this wine are produced, and I'm sure there is more than one lot, but it's remarkable that they can make that quantity of a Gran Reserva." - Tasted on Apr 30, 2015 by Luis Gutiérrez

Winery : Bodegas Faustino
Region : Rioja / Spain
Grape Varieties : Red Gran Reserva Tempranillo
Ageing in oak barrels : Minimum 24 months in American and French oak
Format : 750 ml

*D.O.Ca. (Denominación de Origen Calificada) is the highest classification for wine regions in Spain, representing high-quality wines from specific areas. D.O.Ca. Rioja, Spain's most renowned and oldest wine region, holds this prestigious status. It exclusively produces red wines known for their exceptional quality. Rioja wines are categorized into young and aged types, offering rich flavors and complexity. They are acclaimed for their balance, elegance, and richness, making them suitable for pairing with diverse cuisines. The D.O.Ca. system regulates the origin, production methods, and quality of wines, ensuring strict adherence to standards. Currently, only Rioja and Priorat have attained D.O.Ca. status in Spain.

Bodegas Faustino是位於西班牙里奧哈(Rioja)地區的知名酒莊,創立於1861年。該酒莊專注於以Tempranillo葡萄為基礎的紅葡萄酒,提供從年輕的Crianza到成熟的Reserva和Gran Reserva等不同款式。該酒莊標誌性的標籤上有創辦人Don Faustino Martinez的肖像。擁有超過150年的歷史,Bodegas Faustino以其對品質的承諾而聞名,成為里奧哈釀酒業卓越的象徵。



JS Wine Ratings給予95分
這款極富歷史底蘊且低調典雅的里奧哈紅酒展現了梅子、橙子、皮革、灰塵般的紅色漿果和礦石的細膩複雜性。口感多汁明亮,莓果和橙子柑橘的酸爽特性十分突出。絲滑而緊致的單寧,餘韻長而優雅。這款酒極富精緻感,幾乎有著黑皮諾酒的細膩感。選用了來自特定葡萄園的Tempranillo、Graciano和Mazuelo。陳年36個月,也使用了美國橡木桶。」 - 由詹姆斯·薩克林於2022年11月20日品評

The Wine Advocate給予90分
2004年Faustino I Gran Reserva是最具辨識度的里奧哈酒款之一,主要由Tempranillo葡萄製成,還有9%的Graciano和5%的Mazuelo(Cariñena),在橡木桶中陳年26個月。酒香非常經典,散發著營火、紅椒粉、醃製肉類、皮革和香料的第三層香氣,非常典型的里奧哈特色,乾淨而平衡,比我上次品評的2001年份有了很大的改善。口感中等豐滿,質感細膩,酸度良好且持久。這款酒有著微妙的整合橡木味道,是一款經典的里奧哈特級陳年紅酒。這款酒生產了50萬瓶,我相信可能有多個批次,但能夠生產如此數量的特級陳年酒真是令人驚嘆。」 - 由路易斯·古鐵雷斯於2015年4月30日品評

酒莊:Bodegas Faustino

*D.O.Ca.(Denominación de Origen Calificada)代表葡萄酒的產地控制指定,是西班牙葡萄酒產區的最高等級,象徵著特定地區的高品質葡萄酒。D.O.Ca. Rioja是西班牙最知名和最古老的葡萄酒產區,以其高品質的紅葡萄酒聞名。它是西班牙唯一一個被授予D.O.Ca.等級的產區,代表著最高的品質和地理保護。該產區的葡萄酒分為年輕型和陳年型,呈現豐富的風味和複雜性。Rioja葡萄酒因其平衡、優雅和豐富的特點而受到讚揚,適合與各種美食搭配。D.O.Ca.制度對葡萄酒的產地、生產方法和品質進行嚴格監管,確保符合嚴格的標準。目前,西班牙只有Rioja和Priorat兩個產區獲得了D.O.Ca.等級認證。