Duluc de Branaire Ducru 班尼杜克酒莊副牌紅酒 2018
Duluc de Branaire Ducru 班尼杜克酒莊副牌紅酒 2018

Duluc de Branaire Ducru 班尼杜克酒莊副牌紅酒 2018

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The wines from Chateau Branaire Ducru are known for their rich, intense, powerful, and yet elegant characteristics. While they lean towards a fruity style, they require a maturation period of 5-15 years to fully display their true structure and strength. If you wish to taste the winemaking techniques and terroir expressions of the estate at an earlier stage, the second wine, Duluc de Branaire-Ducru, is an excellent choice.

Duluc de Branaire-Ducru is crafted by blending fruit from younger vines, which are harvested at an earlier stage and planted at higher densities to increase nutrient competition. Strict yield control is implemented for the younger grapevines. The wine undergoes a temperature-controlled malolactic fermentation for approximately 21 days in stainless steel tanks. It then ages for 16 to 18 months in oak barrels, with approximately 60 to 65% of the barrels being new. The resulting wine showcases an elegant and modern style, characterized by balance, deliciousness, and a resemblance to the estate's main wine.

Tasting notes: Deep and vibrant purple-red color. Upon opening, it releases mature and sweet fruity aromas, with pronounced notes of blackcurrant, blueberry, blackberry, and plum jam. There are hints of pepper and caramel flavors as well. The palate is full-bodied and abundant, with round and smooth tannins and a tight, delicate structure. On the palate, you'll first experience the sweet and juicy berry flavors, followed by a touch of acidity and woody undertones. The finish is elegant and enticing, with a lingering aftertaste.

Region/Country : St Julien (Bordeaux)/ France
Grape Varieties : Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot
Alcohol : 14%

Chateau Branaire Ducru的葡萄酒以其香醇、濃烈、強勁而優雅的特性而聞名。雖然它們偏向果香風格,但需要5-15年的陳年才能完全展現出其真正的結構和力量。如果您希望在較早的階段品嚐該酒莊的釀酒工藝和風土特色,副牌酒Duluc de Branaire-Ducru是一個絕佳的選擇。

Duluc de Branaire-Ducru是通過將年輕葡萄藤的果實混合而成,這些葡萄藤在較早的階段進行採摘,並以較高的密度種植以增加養分競爭。對年輕的葡萄藤進行嚴格的產量控制。該葡萄酒在不銹鋼罐中進行約21天的溫度控制的乳酸發酵,然後在橡木桶中陳釀16至18個月,其中約60至65%的桶是新桶。成品葡萄酒展現出優雅而現代的風格,平衡而美味,並與酒莊的主力酒有著相似之處。