Mindful Sparks Sparkling Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea 茉莉龍珠氣泡茶

Mindful Sparks Sparkling Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea 茉莉龍珠氣泡茶

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Mindful Sparks is a Hong Kong brand founded in 2020, specializing in high-quality non-alcoholic handcrafted sparkling teas. They have filled a gap in the Hong Kong food and beverage industry with their products. All of Mindful Sparks' handcrafted beverages are carefully brewed in their production facility and laboratory located in Kwai Fong, embodying the core principles of mindfulness, wellness, and enlightenment.

Their mission is to elevate tea culture and unleash the full potential of tea by creating a non-alcoholic beverage that enhances dining experiences and allows diners to fully engage their senses without numbing them. They aim to become the preferred non-alcoholic beverage choice across different cuisines.

Moreover, Mindful Sparks is an official tea beverage partner of the 2024 Hong Kong and Macau Michelin Guide, which is a prestigious recognition. They hold HALAL, ISO22000, HACCP, and GMP certifications, demonstrating their compliance with relevant quality and hygiene standards. Mindful Sparks’s products are also supplied to over 20 Michelin-starred fine dining restaurants, further showcasing their position and influence in the high-end culinary industry.

With a legendary tale of twin dragons, I wish for people to have a beautiful life and pray for a future filled with prosperity and abundance.

Brand: Mindful Sparks
Origin: Hong Kong
Bottle Size: 750 ml

Mindful Sparks 是一個香港品牌於2020年創立,主打高品質無酒精手工精釀氣泡茶,填補了香港飲食業界的需求。Mindful Sparks旗下的手工飲品皆在位於葵芳的生產廠房及實驗 室內精心釀造而成,蘊含著正念 (Mindfulness)、健康 (wellness) 與頓悟 (enlightenment) 的核心理念。他們的使命和目標是提升茶文化將茶發揮到最高潛力,創造一種非酒精飲料,能夠增強用餐體驗並讓用餐者充分發揮感官,而不會麻木感官,跨越不同菜系成為每個人首選的非酒精飲料。

此外,Mindful Sparks 是2024年香港和澳門米其林指南的官方茶飲合作夥伴,這是一項非常榮譽的認可。他們持有HALAL、ISO22000、HACCP和GMP認證,這些認證證明他們的產品符合相關的質量和衛生標準。Mindful Spark的產品還供應給20多家米其林星級高級餐廳,這進一步展示了他們在高端餐飲行業的地位和影響力。


品牌 : Mindful Sparks
產地 : 香港 
容星量 : 750 ml