Domaine de Chevalier Blanc 騎士酒莊白酒 2016
Domaine de Chevalier Blanc 騎士酒莊白酒 2016
Domaine de Chevalier Blanc 騎士酒莊白酒 2016

Domaine de Chevalier Blanc 騎士酒莊白酒 2016

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Domaine de Chevalier is a prestigious winery in Bordeaux, France, known for its exceptional red and white wines. With a rich history and a commitment to traditional winemaking practices, the estate produces wines that showcase the unique terroir of the Pessac-Léognan appellation. The red wines, made primarily from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Petit Verdot, exhibit elegance, finesse, and remarkable aging potential. The white wines, crafted from Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon, display freshness, complexity, and a beautiful balance of flavors. Domaine de Chevalier is highly regarded by critics and wine enthusiasts, consistently delivering wines of depth, complexity, and outstanding quality. It stands as a benchmark for excellence in Bordeaux.

The Chevalier Blanc exhibits a crystalline, pale gold color. Its nose is punchy, pulpy, intense, fresh, and complex. Aromas of grapefruit, orange, peach, and mango intertwine with balsamic and mineral fragrances of pine, quartz, and flint, revealing the true essence of the terroir. On the palate, the wine showcases an exquisite and intense pulpy richness balanced by a beautiful fruity acidity. The combination of spicy and soft white fruits creates silky flavors, and the perfect maturity of the healthy fruits imparts a delightful sweetness. The wine's flesh exudes purity and delicacy, boasting an elegant body. With its sophisticated and perfectly balanced profile, this wine offers tremendous taste and great persistence.

The 2016 vintage was a resounding success, thanks to several crucial factors coming together harmoniously. A significant rainy period from January to June replenished water reserves and set the stage for a potentially abundant crop. The flowering period in June was nothing short of miraculous, ensuring a generous harvest. An exceptionally dry spell from July to September added richness and power to the grapes. Much-needed rain finally arrived in early September, providing a boost to ripening and refreshing the vines. The arrival of an Indian summer from September to October contributed finesse and elegance to the wines. The 2016 vintage stands as a testament to the perfect alignment of weather conditions, resulting in wines of exceptional quality and character.

JS 98 points from JS Wine Ratings
“Still very shy on the nose, but the candied citrus, fresh melon, pear and quince notes come through on the palate, together with discreet, toasty oak. Although this is really concentrated, the power is underplayed and the enormous, herbal and mineral depth steals up on you slowly and then whisks you away. You could enjoy it now, but there’s enormous aging potential. A blend of 70 per cent sauvignon and 30 per cent semillon.” - Tasted on Jun 22, 2021 by James Suckling

RP 92+ points from The Wine Advocate
"The Domaine de Chevalier 2016 Blanc is a blend of 70% Sauvignon Blanc and 30% Sémillon. The nose reveals spiced pears, waxy lemons, honeysuckle and yuzu with wafts of lime juice and green guava. Medium-bodied with great intensity and elegance, it has a racy line cutting through the citrus and tropical layers, finishing long." - Tasted on Dec 01, 2018 by Lisa Perrotti-Brown

Winery : Domaine de Chevalier
Region : Pessac-Léognan / Bordeaux / France
Grape Varieties : SAUVIGNON / SÉMILLON
Annual Production : 18,000 bottles
Ageing in oak barrels : 18 months
Alc : 13.5 %
Format : 750 ml

Domaine de Chevalier是法國波爾多地區的一家享有盛譽的酒莊,以其卓越的紅酒和白酒聞名。憑借其豐富的歷史和對傳統釀酒工藝的承諾,這個莊園生產展示佩薩克-萊奧涅產區獨特風土的美酒。紅酒主要由赤霞珠、梅洛和小維多種葡萄釀製,展示出優雅、細膩和卓越的陳年潛力。白酒由長相思和塞米翁釀製,展示出清新、複雜和美妙的口感平衡。Domaine de Chevalier深受評論家和葡萄酒愛好者的推崇,始終提供具有深度、複雜性和優質品質的酒款。它在波爾多地區堪稱卓越的典範。

Chevalier Blanc呈現出水晶般的淺金色。其香氣強烈、多汁、新鮮且複雜。柚子、橙子、桃子和芒果的香氣與松木和石英、燧石等礦物香氣交織在一起,展現了風土的真實本質。在口感上,這款酒展示了精緻而濃郁的果香豐富度,並帶有美麗的果香酸度。辛辣和柔軟的白色水果的結合釋放出極為柔滑的口感。健康果實的完美成熟帶來了愉悅的甜味。該酒的酒體純淨而精緻,展現出優雅的特質。這款酒口感精緻、美味且完美平衡,具有極佳的持久性。


「香氣仍然非常含蓄,但在口感上可以品嚐到糖果般的柑橘、新鮮的甜瓜、梨和榲桲,還帶有微妙的烤木桶味道。儘管這款酒非常濃縮,但其力量被壓制住了,巨大的草本和礦物深度悄悄地襲捲而來,然後將你帶走。你現在就可以享受它,但它也有巨大的陳年潛力。這款酒是70%長相思和30%塞米翁的混合。」- James Suckling於2021年6月22日評鑑

「Domaine de Chevalier 2016 Blanc是70%長相思和30%塞米翁的混合。香氣中散發著香料梨、柚子、金銀花和柚子果香,還有檸檬汁和綠色瓜瓜的香氣。酒體中等,具有極高的強度和優雅感,具有貫穿柑橘和熱帶水果層次的快速回味。」- Lisa Perrotti-Brown於2018年12月1日評鑑

酒莊:Domaine de Chevalier
產區:佩薩克-萊奧涅 / 波爾多 / 法國
葡萄品種:長相思 / 塞米翁